Matt Damon is a Good Guy

Matt Damon is putting his marquee name to good use. He’s joined the fight to try to end poverty and AIDS in Africa. Damon took up the cause while visiting Africa for a week this past May. He hosted an event in Toronto last week that raised almost $1.8 million for Canada’s One X One and the U.S.-based Millennium Promise, headed by United Nations adviser Dr. Jeffrey Sachs.

Damon told People magazine how his visit to Africa affected him:

It’s not some theory that someone’s trying to explain to you. You’re looking right at people who are living in extreme poverty, and it’s really unnecessary. But what overwhelmed me the most was a sense of hope that I got, because I really felt like a lot of these problems are fixable. There are some really basic things that can be done that will have an unbelievable impact. So it’s about educating people about that. Look, I’m learning too. I feel like I just started down this road – down what’s going to be a lifelong trek – but it’s most important that we all make it together.

It’s nice to know that Matt isn’t trying to pass himself off as an expert. He’s just like one of us.

More photos of Matt Damon and his wife leaving Hyde after the jump.

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Written by Lauren Burch

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