Matt Damon Calls Out BFF Ben Affleck

August 13th, 2007 // 7 Comments

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon might be good friends, but Matt has no problem pointing out that his good friend might have been his own worst enemy when it came to his career. Damon, who is riding high on the success of his “Bourne” trilogy, talked about how he believes that his buddy went through a time in his life when he was so overexposed, he was having trouble getting moviegoers into seats.

“He picked things that in hindsight weren’t a good choice.

“I also think that if you end up on the cover of gossip magazines you’re f**ked.

“When people see you all the time there’s no mystery about you any more and no-one’s going to want to go and see your movies.”

Now, on the surface, it seems like Matt might be talking some smack about his old friend, but I’m guessing from those LOADS of pictures from their double-date vacation in Hawaii recently, he’s just being honest. At the same time, I bet Ben just looks at Matt and says, “Yeah, I made bad choices. But then again, I got to bang JLO during the Latin Explosion. I’m a part of history.”

The Afflecks Continue Their Walk After the Jump

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Logan

    Mr. Damon, please, calm down. You and Ben don’t really “radiate” mystery – y’all never have. So, relax, look in the mirror, and tell yourselves – “I don’t look like the mysterious type.” My cottage cheese with tomatoe wedges and a sprinkle of dill weed has far more mystery…..

  2. T-Bone

    Matt’s right on, except for the part where he insinuates that he (himself) is mysterious. Not quite, Matt.

  3. huh

    Neither one of these guys ever got my pulse going. They are missing charm and personality. They’re not ugly, but not terribly handsome either. I loved Damon’s new movie, but overall, they’re just regular guys.

  4. Sarah

    Who doesn’t Matt Damon talk smack about these days? He trashes everyone from Matthew McConaughey (sp) to Daniel Craig while comparing himself to legendary Oscar winning actors (Redford, DiNiro, Nicholson). Hey Matt, remember how you cheated on your longterm, high school drop-out girlfriend with that sleazy, illiterate, welfare-dependant stripper who abandoned her own kid to rub elbows with George and Brad? Remember how all your friends laughed as they skipped your faux wedding celebration when the stripper got knocked up because, “that’s why they make condoms?” At least Ben Affleck doesn’t do skank. And Matt, please wake us up when you play a character who isn’t either featured alongside 10 good looking guys or promoting gratutitous violence to serve his own narcissistic means. Remember when the good guy used to save the girl and the universe? All you saved were some scraped elbows thanks to your extremely hard working stunt men.

  5. me

    LUciana was a stripper? Wow, this is some good gossip! Where did you learn that Sarah?

  6. bea

    Please Matt, you first think the things you will say , if you don´t do that, this is happens.
    For more about Ben Affleck and his family, come to my forum, i am waiting for you there, is in spanish, but in english too.

  7. Karen

    Lucianna was a bartender. These comments are prety rude. Go read the article on Matt in GQ.

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