Matt Damon Calls Out BFF Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon might be good friends, but Matt has no problem pointing out that his good friend might have been his own worst enemy when it came to his career. Damon, who is riding high on the success of his “Bourne” trilogy, talked about how he believes that his buddy went through a time in his life when he was so overexposed, he was having trouble getting moviegoers into seats.

“He picked things that in hindsight weren’t a good choice.

“I also think that if you end up on the cover of gossip magazines you’re f**ked.

“When people see you all the time there’s no mystery about you any more and no-one’s going to want to go and see your movies.”

Now, on the surface, it seems like Matt might be talking some smack about his old friend, but I’m guessing from those LOADS of pictures from their double-date vacation in Hawaii recently, he’s just being honest. At the same time, I bet Ben just looks at Matt and says, “Yeah, I made bad choices. But then again, I got to bang JLO during the Latin Explosion. I’m a part of history.”

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