Matt Dallas is All Smiiley

If any of you got sucked into the “Kyle XY” marathon that was on this past weekend like I did, were fully prepared for the the season premiere last night. At the beginning of last season Kyle, played by Matt Dallas, awoke in the forest buck naked and covered in pink goo, with no memory and no navel. This season, he finds out he’s not alone.

Jessi XX, who appears much the way Kyle did — naked, goo-covered, but with a not-so-friendly mission. Jaimie Alexander, 23, who plays Jessi, can’t reveal much, but does confirm, “I’m definitely going to be shaking things up. Jessi is the dark cloud hanging over the show, but in a good way.”

Jessi shares some of the same unearthly powers and features of her XY counterpart, including no navel, and Alexander says she’s more than happy to bare her belly to curious fans. “If that makes people smile, I’ll do it.”

While the show can be a bit fluffy at times (it is on ABC Family), the charm of star Matt Dallas keeps you hooked.


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