Matt Smith Seems To Have Cut His Hair Again And Might Have A New Lady Love

Matt & Karen
The former 'Doctor Who' stars had a red carpet reunion
As you have probably figured out by now, I will take any and all opportunities  to write about Matt Smith.

I mean, can you blame me? Especially when he’s looking this good in a pinstriped suit. The actor was spotted having a night out in London last night, following the Glamour Women of the Year Awards. If only I’d seen red carpet photos of him, I would have thrown him in with Adam Lambert and David Gandy.

Also, Matt! Why is your hair short again?! 

I understood the buzzcut for Ryan Gosling’s movie, but I thought we were back to growing it out. It looked so, so good at the Cannes Film Festival. But now we’re back to short again. I suppose he’s enjoying the weight off his head after all those years of long hair on Doctor Who.

Also also, did you hear that Matt might have a new lady? Rumor has it that he and Downton Abbey actress Lily James are getting quite cozy. We’ve seen some photos of the pair together, but nothing that incriminating just yet.

Hopefully those are coming soon. But until they do, launch the gallery to appreciate some well dress Matt. Is he doing it for you with his short hair and suit? Let us know in the comments!