Matt Lauer Puts Christina Aguilera In Hot Seat Over Rough Year [VIDEO]

Christina Aguilera’s has had a very rough year, which has included divorcing her husband Jordan Bratman, fumbling the National Anthem during a live Super Bowl performance and getting arrested for public intoxication. She was interviewed on Today this morning by Matt Lauer, and he kind of dwelled on her troubles.

“There was a time where your people, your friends, the people who love you the most, tried to intervene in your life. Is that true or is that an exaggeration?”

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Aguilera respond, “I think there were some definite ex, disgruntled employees along the way. Whenever things happen like this to you, some people just want to kick you when you’re down.”

When Lauer pointed out that Aguilera’s friends were coming from a place of genuine concern, Christina countered, “Well, only I know that.” She noted, “Some people like the drama of creating [stories] around you to make themselves look better, like, ‘Oh, I saved her,’ when you really just have to be a friend and support.”

Christina stopped by the Late Show With David Letterman to read off the Top 10 List. You can watch that video along with Christina’s interview with Matt Lauer …

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