Matt Lanter, Taylor Kinney, And 13 Other Smoldering Men On Television [PHOTOS]

Sexy Gentlemen
Matt Lanter flashes his goodies on 90210.
Have you ever looked at a celebrity and felt the urge to congratulate them on their face? That’s how I feel when I look at the fifteen men featured in the gallery above.

All of them ooze sex appeal on and off screen. Matt Lanter’s boyish good looks have been making women melt for years now. I remember thinking he was way too hot in Disaster Movie.

Even though that movie was a ridiculous spoof with a pretty ridiculous story line, he made it entertaining.

Taylor Kinney is way too hot for TV. Between his sexy appearance in girlfriend, Lady Gaga’s video for “You and I”, his appearance as Uncle Mason on The Vampire Diaries, and his new role as a firefighter on Chicago Fire, I don’t know how much hotness I can handle. Someone please extinguish some of that sexiness.

Shows are casting sexier men more and more frequently. I’m sure viewers everywhere are really appreciating the men.

I really have to thank whoever is in charge of casting over at the CW. Majority of their men are the most attractive ones I’ve ever seen. Sometimes it’s hard to pay attention to an important scene because the cast members are ridiculously good looking.

Which men featured in our gallery are your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!