Matt Lanter And Wife Angela Stacy Enjoy Honeymoon Date In Miami

Matt Lanter Shirtless
Matt Lanter poses shirtless on set of '90210.'
Newlyweds Matt Lanter and Angela Stacy enjoyed a fun honeymoon date with new couple Lauren Scruggs and Jason Kennedy in Miami.

The 90210 star and his wife Angela, who married a week ago in Malibu, are enjoying their honeymoon in Miami. The newlyweds were joined by their good friends and new couple, model Lauren Scruggs and E News’ Jason Kennedy.

The double date included lunch at Juice and Java on Miami Beach followed by racing around in mini cars on Ocean Drive. Matt and Angela laughed and kissed while driving around in a lime green car. 

Check out all the pics of the honeymoon fun by launching the gallery!

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