Matt Damon Talks Bulking Up For ‘Elysium’, And What His Wife Thinks

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For his upcoming role in the move Elysium, Matt Damon had to bulk up. And boy did he ever!

Not only did the actor have to shave his head, but he also had to go on a strict diet and spend four hours a day at the gym for a month. All the hard work definitely paid off however because the results were rock-hard abs and bulging biceps!

The 42-year-old admits that he’s not 26 anymore so getting back into shape, especially after having to gain 40lbs for a previous role, was not an easy task. He said:

It was really hard because I love to eat and drink! It’s very hard to motivate me to get in shape.

So what does his wife Luciana think of his new toned body?

The Oscar-winner says that his wife likes “variety,” so whether he’s toned or 40lbs heavier, she does not mind.

Damon attended the premiere of Elysium on Tuesday and showed off a maturer look. Instead of sporting his brown locks, the actor confidently showed off his much greyer hair in a fitted dark suit.

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