Matt Damon Strips Down For ‘Behind The Candelabra’

Matt Damon Shirtless
Matt Damon enjoys some down time in Miami.
Despite the very dated hair, Matt Damon looked hot in Behind the Candelabra.

This was Matt Damon as we have never seen Matt Damon before. Stripped and bulked up for the role of Liberace’s gay lover, Scott Thomson in the film.

Damon was forced to bulk up for the role and have his short dark hair replaced by long, dark blonde tresses. 

But his portrayal of a young man dragged into a downward spiral of drug addiction and paranoia by his youth-obsessed lover has been described as “extraordinary”. Did you catch the movie Sunday night (May 26, 2013) on HBO?

Check out all of Matt’s assets by launching the gallery above.

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