Matt Damon Looks Scary, Set To Make Directorial Debut

Holy shit balls, that’s Matt Damon! No seriously. That scary man in the jumpsuit and neck tattoos is People’s Sexiest Man Alive, 2007. Sure we were able to love him when it was just the bald head we were dealing with, but this is just taking it all to a whole other level.

Luckily this shouldn’t be Matt’s permanent look. Matt put on some weight, shaved his head and looks freaky for the new film Elysium. Little is know about the film, but according to MailOnline it “follows life on another planet and will combine ‘sociopolitical ideas and action’.” Umm, OK, that doesn’t sound creepy at all.

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The big news for Matt today is that he will be making his directorial debut with an as yet untitled film written by John Krasinski and himself. According to reports, John came up with the story of a “salesman who arrives in a small town and has his entire life called into question.” Matt will also play the salesman. No word yet on when the film will begin production. I think they’ve gotta finish the script first.

I think the movie sounds like it could be awesome. As long as Matt doesn’t look like a serial killer anymore. Luckily his family seems to be OK with his new look. In fact they all looked super happy together in Canada. What do you think of jumpsuit Damon? Excited about his movie with John Krasinski? Let us know what you think in the comments.