Matt Damon Goes Shirtless In Miami, Talks About New Bromance With John Krasinski [PHOTOS]

December 27th, 2012 // Leave a Comment

42-year-old Matt Damon is so dedicated to his roles that he is willing to do just about anything. His latest film role has him posing nude as a gay man and apparently, appearing bald. Now the film star has formed a bromance with 33-year-old John Krasinski and the two have enjoyed shooting for their latest film, The Promised Land. According to the Daily Beast, after filming The Adjustment Bureau with Krasinski’s wife Emily Blunt, the two have become fast friends and have written, produced, and costar in the film about the environmental impact of fracking, a natural gas extraction process that has been somewhat controversial.

“The timing is really great. But we were looking for the thing—where are the stakes the highest? It’s really about Big Money colliding with real people, and their decision-making process,” said Damon, “And all that pressure that’s on them because the stakes are just so incredibly high. This issue does this perfectly.”

Seen here, Matt Damon looks content to just play normal dad over the holiday in Miami while he sipping a beer, doing laundry like a boss, and playing poolside with his kids on December 24th. Dude is rocking a chiseled bod! Some people just get better with age.

By Chelsi Archibald

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