Matt Bomer’s ‘Transformers’ Audition: A ‘Glee’ Extra [VIDEO]

Matt Bomer Is Elvis
Matt Bomer channels Elvis for GQ Italy.
Darren Criss Shirtless
Darren Criss is shirtless and wet for People.
Matt Bomer At 2012 PCA's
Looking ever so dapper on the red carpet.
OMG, what was not to love about Matt Bomer’s appearance on Glee last night?

Obtained by E! Online, the video reel opens with Matthew Bomer’s character introducing himself and Blaine, who stands somewhere outside the frame. After getting ready, he begins channeling Deputy Roscoe with Blaine reciting the line of another character.

Not forgetting to point his finger like what he taught the New Directions kids, the narcissistic actor falls on the floor after apparently getting shot in the scene. “I think you nailed it,” Blaine told Cooper after they finished making the audition tape.

Watch the clip after the jump (sorry for the auto-play), plus check out Matt and Darren Criss’ performance of “Somebody That I Used To Know” and Darren shirtless in the shower for “Fighter.”