Matt Bomer Wants To Work With Darren Criss On ‘Glee’ Again

Darren Criss should be feeling a little proud because his TV brother on Glee, Matt Bomer, says he’d love to do another episode when his schedule frees up!

Bomer has quite a busy schedule, starring in TV series White Collar and playing a stripper in the movie Magic Mike, but there’s a possibility he might be back soon enough because of the amazing experience he had with the hit TV show.

He told Zap2it:

That whole experience was just fantastic. They wrote an incredible character for me, and I had an unbelievable time working with Darren. I was really blown away by what the actors on that show do on a week-to-week basis. It’s pretty incredible what they pull off, at the level of quality that they do. It was surreal and fun … and I’ll never forget it.

We want you back on Glee too Matt! And if you want you dose of Darren Criss for the day, launch the gallery to check out photos of him leaving a Toronto airport.