Matt Bomer To Star As Montgomery Clift

September 18th, 2013 // 6 Comments
Matt Bomer And Montgomery Clift

First of all, a big thanks to @PatriciaHoey2 for bringing this to our attention!

According to Matt Bomer‘s IMDB page, Matt will be playing late actor Montgomery Clift in a film about the actor, currently titled Monty Clift. The brief synopsis of the film is as follows: A young Montgomery Clift finds himself in love with a young Elizabeth Taylor following the filming of A Place In The Sun.

Bomer previously mentioned in an interview with GQ Italia, that he’d loved to portray the late actor. “I would love to do a Montgomery Clift biopic. I would love to just keep working with really great directors who really inspire me.” 

So major congrats to Matt on realizing this dream! We’ll keep you updated on any new details surrounding the film as they are revealed.

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By Michael Prieve

  1. Johnny West

    Well, the problem is that Monty was gay, so “in love with Liz” isn’t quite historically accurate and what would be the point of portraying him that way? Odd.

    • Exactly. Why Bomer would agree to do this as a gay man is beyond me. There was no affair and it shouldn’t be promoted as such. It was an enduring, loving, platonic relationship and for them to promote it without any mention of his being gay is just offensive.

      Monty came out to her when she was 19, they made “A Place in the Sun” when she was 17, she hadn’t even been kissed yet during most of that production. She got married shortly after when she was 18 (and was a virgin, by the way, she’s stated it many times) and married right after that marriage was through! There was no time for an affair. Simple math.

  2. “Princess tiny meat” to be played by a stripper from Magic Mike…the irony. Again with the “heteroing” of a gay guy. I wonder if they’ll show the bit of Monty on a pool table in an SM Bar in NY being peed on (according to a biography I read).

  3. kevin

    Just because you’re as pretty as Monty, doesn’t mean you can play him.

  4. CJ

    This is fantastic casting! Matt’s a brilliant actor and it will be great to see him stretch his skills to a role like this.

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