Matt Bomer, Tim DeKay & Tiffani Thiessen Film ‘White Collar’ On The Streets Of NYC

Matt Bomer Is Elvis
Matt Bomer channels Elvis for GQ Italy.
Matt Bomer, Tim DeKay, Tiffani Thiessen and Warren Kole were filming scenes for USA Network’s television series White Collar on location in Manhattan earlier today (May 31, 2013).

Warren Cole? Yes, there is a newcomer invading our favorite cast of characters this season. For those of you who watching The Following his past season will recognize Warren. He played the very demented sheriff who was part of the cult the Kevin Bacon’s character was battling.

So who will he be playing on While Collar? Spoiler alert below! 

Kole will have a recurring role as agent David Siegel, the new handler for Neal Caffrey (Bomer). The character is said to be noticeably young (check), handsome (check) and ambitious (we’ll have to wait and see).

When season 5 of White Collar picks up in the fall, Neal’s former handler, Peter Burke (DeKay), will be behind bars after taking the fall for shooting a senator, a crime actually committed by Neal’s father, James (Treat Williams). With Peter imprisoned, Neal is assigned Kole’s David Siegel in his place.

How long do you think it will take before Peter and Neal are back together as a crime fighting duo? Tweet me at @mjprieve and let me know what you think! Then launch the gallery to check out all the pics of the cast filming White Collar.

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