Matt Bomer Tells ‘OUT’ Magazine How ‘The Normal Heart’ Changed His Life

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OK, before we move on and start talking about Matt Bomer‘s amazing interview with OUT Magazine, can we first spend some time staring into his blue, blue eyes? Seriously, how is one man this beautiful?

Matt’s beauty is on full display in the June/July issue of the magazine, available on newsstands May 15. You can see an even better version of the above photo after the jump.

In the magazine, Matt talks about his desires to star in the HBO version of The Normal Heart, something that is very close to, well, his heart. 

I’ll let you stare at the full photo before we continue.


Matt Bomer Out Magazine Blue Eyes Blue Shirt The Normal Heart


Done? Good. The Normal Heart director Ryan Murphy told OUT how hard Matt campaigned for the role of Felix Turner, “Matt, out of everybody, fought the hardest for it. It was that same passion that I had used to persuade Larry Kramer to give me the rights to the play.”

You can definitely see Matt’s passion the various trailer that have been released. “You’re really lucky as an artist if you get a role that changes you as a person,” Matt explained. “It taught me how to access myself on a completely different level as an artist.”

Make sure to pick up your copy of OUT for more of Matt’s interview. Again, he’s handsome, he’s talented and he seems like one of the nicest and brightest people in Hollywood. There’s a reason folks love the Bomer.

By Sabba Rahbar

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