Matt Bomer Suits It Up For The Opening Night Of ‘Macbeth’, Starts Shooting ‘White Collar’ Season Six

Blue eyes, navy suit, burgundy tie–Matt Bomer is owning my soul right now.

The White Collar actor hit the red carpet last night for the opening night of Macbeth in New York City. It’s the version that Kenneth Branagh directed with himself as Macbeth and Alex Kingston as Lady Macbeth, so basically if you’re in NYC go see it!

Look at Matt working that pocket square. How very Gandy of him. Also, yay for season six of White Collar

Thanks to Matt’s Twitter–which he is now updating regularly because he wants us to be happy–season six of the hit show got underway yesterday.

Sadly, this is its last season, but we will love it all the same. Oh wait you guys! You know what this means! White Collar set photos all day everyday! Such joy.

Launch the gallery and get some more joy from Matt on the red carpet last night. There’s one photo in the gallery where…umm…he looks rather interesting. Basically, you might see it in our celebrity silly and scary gallery this weekend.