Matt Bomer Shows Off His Sexy Smile As He Jets Out Of LA

23 Matt Bomer GIFS
Matt Bomer is even better in GIF form.
You know how I know it’s a good Thursday? Because Matt Bomer decided to show us his gorgeous face.

The White Collar star was spotted arriving at LAX today, which means that he has been in LA and I missed him. And now he’s leaving. Guys, how am I accidentally going to run into Matt if he’s not here?

Also, can we all take a second and appreciate him with those glasses? 

He doesn’t often wear glasses, but when he does, I am a fan. And the glasses even make me like his short hair. I mean, I liked it when he first cut it, but do you remember his long hair? Mmm. Perfection.

Although, let’s be honest here, Matt is still perfection. I cannot wait to see him in the HBO version of The Normal Heart, and I cannot wait even more to see him as Montgomery Clift. I know you guys can’t wait either. So to help you out, launch the gallery to check out today’s photos. Matt, you’s my fave.