Matt Bomer Shoots ‘White Collar,’ Talks About His Kids, Recalls ‘Guiding Light’ Stint [PHOTOS]

Matt Bomer played co-host with Hoda Kotb on Today yesterday morning, where he revealed that White Collar will return on June 7. Matt also talked about his three kids.

Yep, his kids. He has three of them. Kit, Walker and Henry. There is much speculation about Matt’s personal life, but that was not touched upon during the hour that he co-hosted.

PHOTOS: Matt Bomer Shirtless On White Collar

Matt also recalled his role on daytime television. He’s debut on All My Children, and his rather psychotic character on Guiding Light. This is how he summed up his Guiding Light storyline:

“I played a trust fund baby, who turned to male prostitution when he lost his trust fund … because what else can you do? All my clients were cougars and then I went crazy, killed several people and committed suicide in a log cabin in front of my girlfriend after I confessed that I’d been molested in seventh grade by my female teacher.”

After he finished up on Today, he went straight to work on White Collar. He’s seen here shooting with Tim DeKay.

Are you surprised that Matt has three kids? Do you remember him on Guiding Light? Sound off in the comments. Watch the clip after the jump.

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