Matt Bomer Makes A Shirtless Appearance On ‘The New Normal’ [PHOTOS]

Matt Bomer & His Kids
Matt Bomer, Simon Halls & their kids enjoy family outing.
If you’re not watching The New Normal, then you missed Matt Bomer’s very shirtless appearance on last night’s episode.

Matt played Bryan’s ex-boyfriend Monty, who is more than just a little obsessed with his own body. Can you blame him?

The two of them broke up because while Bryan was ready to settle down and start a family, Monty just wanted to party and have a good time. Bryan and David set him up on a double date with their baby doctor, but that got derailed when Monty met Goldie. He decided that he could just skip the boyfriend step and move right onto the surrogate, using Goldie of course.

Watch a clip from the episode below.

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