Matt Bomer Makes Buying Produce Look Sexy On The Set Of ‘White Collar’

July 1st, 2014 // 3 Comments

Remember yesterday when I gave you photos of Matt Bomer being super sexy in his grey suit on the set of White Collar?

Well here are more photos from the set yesterday! Only this time, Matt is “buying” some produce on set with his co-star, Laura Ramsey. She looks very, very excited to be rubbing up on Matt. I mean, wouldn’t you be?

Now, what do we think would happen to the world if he’d just unbuttoned one more button? 

Also, I know he cut his hair for an amazing reason, but I’m so glad it’s back to its full, bouncy, “I’d like to run my fingers through it” length. It just adds to his Adonis look.

OK guys, I’ve really got nothing else to add other than that I’d like to go farmers’ market shopping with Matt Bomer and that I love him. With that in mind, launch the gallery and stare at some Bomer. This is starting out to be a very good day.

By Sabba Rahbar

  1. Skiwitch

    I’m seriously going to miss White Collar. I’ve been frustrated all summer with the other USA shows on in White Collar’s time slot.
    We Matt Bomer fans will have to depend on you to post our “fix” until we get our short Season 6. Thanks for the great pix.

  2. Sunny

    you dont know me, but you are my soul sister.
    Sending soul sisterly matt-bomer/neal-caffrey worship vibes your way.
    Because if there was ever a sex god, matt bomer smited him with one blink of those beautiful blues.

  3. Sab

    I love your smitten Matt Bomer posts, Sabba. They make me LOL. Carry on the good work (and fangirling).

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