Matt Bomer Looks Sexy And Shows Off Some Chest In A Tight Bright Blue Shirt

Matt Bomer Giggles
Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay share a laugh on set.
Matt Bomer decided to emerge into the world and let us look at him, and we’re all extremely grateful.

Matt went out in Hollywood to grab lunch wearing a bright blue button down shirt unbuttoned at the top to show off his chest. Because why not? It’s definitely appreciated.

I love when guys wear button down shirts with jeans. Don’t ask me why, I just think it’s an attractive look, and it’s definitely working for Matt.

Although, most things seem to work for Matt. Have you seen him wearing a suit? Perfection.

Also, am I the only one who noticed he’s doing a major hair flip in those pictures? That can’t be an accident. He knows how attractive he is. He has to. His hair looks good longer though. Well, everything about him looks good.

Launch the gallery to check out all of the tight shirt wearing pictures of him and make your day the best that it can be.