Matt Bomer Looks Crazy Perfect At ‘Live With Kelly & Michael’, Is Now Designing Pocket Squares [PHOTOS]

Matt Bomer & His Kids
Matt Bomer, Simon Halls & their kids enjoy family outing.
Things I want in life: to be held for at least an hour by Matt Bomer.

The incredibly sexy White Collar star was spotted in New York City this morning following an appearance on Live With Kelly & Michael. First of all, sexy coat, second of all, sexy tie, third of all, oh ma gawd I love him with glasses! Do we often see him with glasses? Is that just something I’ve missed?

Not only did Matt look awesome, he was also being awesome as he posed for photos with fans. The only thing that could have made this any better was if he was randomly shirtless like he was on The New Normal. Not that that’s a requirement, but it’s nice. Also, Matt is now designing pocket squares!

And ties and bow-ties. Matt recently teamed up with Alton Lane and Gilt Man for a line of male accessories that goes on sale today. You can check out some of their designs and read more about the project just over here. I think next Matt should design a line of lady accessories, just so I can have something to wear, too.

Check out all the super sexy photos of Matt in the comments. Anyone else wish he’d wear his glasses more often? Let us know just how much you love Matt and his fabulousness in the comments!