Matt Bomer Looks Beyond Sexy Throwing Around A Football [PHOTOS]

Matt Bomer's Abs
Matt Bomer teases us with a glimpse of his abs.
Matt Bomer At 2012 PCA's
Looking ever so dapper on the red carpet.
Ugh, I die right now. Seriously, as if Matt Bomer could be any hotter he decided to put on glasses and throw a football around all while wearing a sweater/tie/button-up shirt get up. I swear, I could look at that man all day and never get tired of it. Let me put it this way, I would totally hire him as a stripper

Matt was having some fun in Indianapolis in preparation for tomorrow’s Superbowl. The uber hottie dropped by Verizon’s NFL Training Ground to check out some of the latest Verizon gadgets and throw a football around. I wonder if Matt is also confused as to why the sport is called football when the ball rarely touches the foot. 

It was recently confirmed that in addition to his role as the hottie on White Collar, Matt will be guest starring on Glee as Darren Criss’ brother. Oh my gad, and he’s gonna sing. Damn it, now I might have to start watch Glee again. Think how hot a Darren and Matt duet would be? Launch the gallery to check out all of Matt’s sexiness. Also, the glasses totally make him look like Clark Kent.