Matt Bomer Is Seen With One Of His Adorable Sons, Remains Swoontastic [PHOTOS]

November 28th, 2011

Few things are hotter than an attractive gent doting on his children, but when that gent is Matt Bomer, it’s just…

Bomer carried one of his three sons through The Grove yesterday (November 27th) in Los Angeles (photos of Matt with all the kids from 2010 have been added to the gallery).  The White Collar star and partner Simon Halls, who works for Slate PR are parents to Kit, 5 and 3-year-old twins Walker and Henry.  The normally private star recently mentioned his family while guest hosting Today, giving a shout-out to the little boppers.

PHOTOS: Stills From USA’s White Collar

How does Bomer balance home and work life?  “I fly home and fly back, and I have a great support team. It’s a beautiful thing,” he has said, according to Zap2it.

By Kelly Lynch

  1. Matt Bomer Out In Los Angeles with his son
    Commented on this photo:

    Swoontastic is right. Simon is a lucky man!!

  2. D

    Soooo CUTE!!

  3. Emma

    hottest DILF on the planet…

  4. David in Houston

    A “great support team” is NOT the same thing as acknowledging that you have a husband.

  5. Jack

    Reading this, I seriously forgot that it’s not public knowledge that he’s gay and has a longtime male partner. Then I read “support team” and was like lol wut. I wish the world was a little different, or that he was a little braver, because he might have been such a great gay role model.

  6. maria

    To be fair, his partner/husband probably works and travel more than he does, so talking about the kids and how he deals with them while working, the “support team” probably refers to nannys/grandparents/friends. But it would be great that he’d at least once publicly acknowledge his partner(even if he doesn’t give any name) or at least that the second parent isn’t female, simply and without big announcement like he did with his kids-Quinto’s style. He’s fighting for gay rights and marriage equality, mentioning without evasive answers his own commitment and happy family life would be the greatest thing he could do to support the cause, no need to make the cover of People’s magazine for that.