Matt Bomer Is Keeping His Body Fit, Hopefully For Some More Shirtless Roles

Matt Bomer Giggles
Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay share a laugh on set.
If you’re still feeling as sad as I am, then maybe these photos of Matt Bomer leaving the gym will make you happy.

The White Collar actor (tears) was spotted in Malibu yesterday, getting his body into tip-top shape. I mean, I’m not sure what else he would need to do, but I assume it’s for Magic Mike XXL.

So, how sad do you think Matt is about finishing up White Collar

His Tweet didn’t include sad faces.

But then again, he is one of those guys that’s pretty good at keeping his emotions in check. Side note: Can they start promoting/release Space Station 76 already? Cause I need some Matt joy in my life.

Luckily these pictures are sort of helping. Launch the gallery to check them out. May they brighten up your day.