Matt Bomer And Tim DeKay Talk Season Two Of ‘White Collar’

Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay may have been mum about what’s next for this second half of season two of White Collar, but the two gushed about working together and their love of the hit show.

“I think Tim is inherently a generous person and very generous of spirit and, he brings a real sense of play to the work,” Bomer said, whose career has been heating up as of late. ” I try to do the same.  I know he lifts me up on my off days.”

DeKay was just as generous: “We have a blast.  We have fun together, but in the end, we respect each other. I mean as far as the work is concerned.  It’s just like any other relationship, if you don’t have that then there is no ground to it.”

One hint though! Bomer will treat us with his amazing singing voice on the Feb. 8 episode! Shirtless hopefully?