Matt Bomer And Tim DeKay Duck For Cover On ‘White Collar’ Set

September 3rd, 2013 // 5 Comments

Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay are pictured here, along with Mark Sheppard, shooting a scene on the set of the TV series White Collar in the Upper East Side in Manhattan in New York City earlier this morning (September 03, 2013).

Fans of Matt are more than a little bummed today, after it was announced that Charlie Hunnam has been cast as the lead in the Fifty Shades of Grey film. Fans took to Twitter to express their displeasure. “Double disappointment for me, so sad,” replies Twitter user @annekablue. Other Fifty Shades fans echo the same fan frustration, saying they waited so long just to receive news that neither Matt Bomer nor Henry Cavill gets to play Christian Grey.

By Michael Prieve

  1. Thanks for the photo; love these two guys! Glag Matt didn’t land th FSOG role; he’s got bigger things coming his way, and I think that is a limiting role. Sorry, Charlie!

  2. Roberta

    Is my Christian Grey!

  3. Momiac

    “I could look at you all day, Matt.”
    What a hunk. No interest in seeing the film now. Don’t waste your money making it.

  4. Skiwitch

    I think that Matt is the only guy with the looks and the talent to really pull off Christian Grey. I imagined him throughout the books. However, I agree with Dale that he has bigger and better things coming. FSOG could turn out to be just porn and he is too good for that.

  5. Morgan

    I haven’t read the book but, as you talk, Skiwitch, you figure CG as the best on earth and I don’t really think he is. just you later say that this is a porn movie, so where’s the good, or how many “talent” is necessary to play a porn?
    glad that Matt didn’t get the part

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