Matt Bomer And Husband Simon Halls Have A Cute New York Stroll After Matt’s ‘GMA’ Stint

May 13th, 2014 // 2 Comments

So there’s Matt Bomer‘s husband! I wondered where Simon Halls had be hiding himself these last few months.

Matt and his very handsome husband were spotted in New York City today enjoying a lovely stroll in the spring weather. They are seriously adorable together. And I love that they got married in 2011 without anyone knowing. I just wonder why Simon doesn’t join Matt on more red carpets.

Like why wasn’t he at the premiere of The Normal Heart last night

Maybe he was busy watching their very cute sons. Matt had quite a busy Tuesday. In addition to some quality couple time, the actor paid a visit to Good Morning America, where he was all smiles and laughter–very different from how he is in The Normal Heart. Not too many smiles there.

I’m gonna say it again, I cannot wait for this movie. But since it’s not May 25th yet, I’ll just happy with these photos and Matt and Simon. Launch the gallery to check them out!

By Sabba Rahbar

  1. JKR

    Love these two. Nice to see a low key, no hang-ups celebrity family. Matt Bomer is beautiful, talented, and a good family man.

  2. Ron

    Simon was at the premiere with Matt – he’s clearly visible in a YouTube video shot after ther screening; he just wasn’t on the red carpet with him. As a publicist, I think Simon understands when it’s appropriate to let his husband stand in the spotlight and be the star.

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