Matt Bomer And His Son Are In The Christmas Mode [PHOTOS]

Matt Bomer & His Kids
Matt Bomer, Simon Halls & their kids enjoy family outing.
It has been way too long since we’ve seen photos of Matt Bomer and his adorable family.

Yesterday (December 12, 2012), Bomer takes his son shopping at Pottery Barn at the Grove in Hollywood, CA for what looks to be some serious Christmas shopping. What an adorable kid!

Matt’s name has been mentioned over and over in regard to casting in the Fifty Shades of Grey film, and now there has been buzz on Twitter that the actor may be too old for the role. 

Twitter account 50ShadesCasting had earlier tweeted Bomer “is honestly, for me, too old. He’s 35 and will be 40 by the 3rd movie.” The account user, however, is not an insider to film production. “I’m just here to share my casting ideas and discuss them, if you’d like,” says the account description.

In my personal opinion Matt isn’t too old for the role. Movies can make any creative changes they want and the age of Christian Grey could very well be one of them. I’m not suggesting casting Clint Eastwood in the role, but upping his age by a few years is totally fine by me. Especially is Christian is played by Matt Bomer.

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