Matt Bomer And His Infinite Beauty Were Honored At The Giffoni Film Festival

You know what’s great? Having some Matt Bomer to stare at on Mondays.

You know what’s even better? When said Matt Bomer is receiving an award. The White Collar star took his beauty to Italy this weekend for the Giffoni Film Festival. But he wasn’t just there for fun, Matt was honored with the coveted Giffoni Award. Well, I assume it’s coveted.

Honestly, the only thing prettier than Matt at the festival was the Italian town it was in 

I mean…hello!

Although truthfully, Matt would have been more beautiful had he not worn those shoes. OK, you guys know me. You know how I love my Matt. You know I would never speak ill of him. But those shoes! Why?! They totally don’t match the rest of his outfit, and they’re distractingly white. I did get a giggle out of Daily Mail saying he looked like Moss from The IT Crowd.

It’s OK Matt, I’ll forgive the shoes this time. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of him on the red carpet this weekend. Is his look doing it for you? Or do you not care because look at his face? Sound off in the comments below!