Marysol Patton’s Age-Appropriate Bikini Probably Won’t Draw ‘RHOM’ Ratings [PHOTOS]

 'Housewives' Failure
The D.C. franchise didn't draw interest.
First off, I must applaud fish-lips Marysol Patton for wearing an age-appropriate bathing suit at the beach today.  

Somehow, The Real Housewives Of Miami managed to get its boring-ass series renewed for a second season.  Naturally, this news doesn’t come without a few casualties in the name of Miami’s most insufferable bitches, Larsa Pippa and Christy Rice.  Buh-bye.

Patton was definitely definitely asked back because of her mother, Elsa. Lea Black is old-Florida-lady-with-money-to-burn-kind-of-crazy, so naturally she’s bringing the noise and da funk back.  Adriana de Moura will make it back as well, for reasons unknown.  Alexia Echevarria will make an appearance every now and then due to personal matters, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Filming is underway for season two, but I can’t see how these casting changes will revive the franchise.  I’d rather sit through an O.C. marathon and watch Alexis Bellino live on local news than suffer through another season of Miami.