Mary-Louise Parker Dumps The Guy Katherine Heigl Killed on Grey’s Anatomy

February 2nd, 2007 // 9 Comments


The New York Post reports that Mary Louise Parker, actress extraordinaire, has ended it with her latest guy because apparently he had a wandering eye. She’s already found someone new. Why? Because bitch rules.

It looks like Mary-Louise Parker has split from her “Weeds” co-star Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Page Six spotted Parker and Morgan last December looking very much together at Soho House, but they were seen arguing last week at Nobu Next Door. “She was trying to hold his hand and get his attention,” said our source. “But he was ogling a cute, petite blonde through the whole meal.” Parker seems to have already moved on. We spotted her locking lips Wednesday night with a dark-haired man at Lower East Side eatery Good World.

I have a soft spot for Mary Louise. Notably because she was hot as the closeted lesbian HIV chick in Boys on the Side (a cable favorite) AND she kicked ass in Angels in America and showed off her punanny. But the main reason why I like her is because that dogdick Billy Crudup dumped her ass in like the last month of her pregnancy with his baby for Angela Chase from My So-Called Life! Who does that? Satan? Billy Crudup is Satan! And Claire Danes is no catch. You can’t tell me My So-Called Life wasn’t her heyday. Anyway, Mary Louise bounced right the f*ck back and is raising her kid and apparently sleeping with half of NYC. Have at it, baby.

By J. Harvey

  1. Michelle

    sadly, i think that mscl was her heyday. it looked like she would be doing great things. nothing great comes from this girl now. what goes around, comes around…

  2. joy

    i think that was Mary Stuart Masterson’s man…or maybe Mary Elizabeth Mastrontonio…do we REALLY know the difference?

  3. maureen

    How does that flat face (CD) get the men? it made total sense that Jordan C never fell all over her; Crudup is no god or anything, but he left a downright godDESS-with-child for CD. Now she has dumped him for Hugh Dancy–and you know he did it with damn Elizabeth I. What is her draw? I don’t get it

  4. tom

    Claire Danes died to me the day she hooked up with Billy Crud and screwed MLP over. She and Crud deserved one another. Semi-talented ugly bony whore.

  5. kikichanelconspiracy

    J. Harvey, I love you, so I hate to break ranks. But, Mary Louise Parker is uppity, crooked-faced hag that has a perma-bitch face. I cannot abide the woman. I’m not excusing Billy Crudup’s assy behavior, but I think a man can only take so much.

  6. Chris

    Billy Crudup is an assclown! He is a no-talent, piece-of-shit assclown!

  7. Fecal Face

    I just saw MLP on Letterman, and man, what a bitch she was! Blech, I don’t like her AT ALL. She is hot, though.

  8. Susan

    I always thought MLP was a drip when I saw her in “Longtime Companion”…
    Sorry but..JDM is a DROP DEAD H-U-N-K!!!!
    I think he can probably handpick any piece of ass he wants and if I were him? I’d do the same thing! I can’t believe biologicaly a guy can be so fuckin HOT without even trying!
    BUT something must be up with both of them emotionally coz like if I hear they got back together one more time I’m gonna throw up! Like..get over t already!
    He can do ALOT better! BUT if he’s a chippy chaser and she can’t handle it… then..I dunno….maybe he should stay a bachelor like George Clooney…

  9. annutha1

    MLP is a complete horsey-crooked face DOG, with no body either. As far as “acting”… what a one-trick pony!! Couldn’t stand her in anything she’s done. BLECH!!! Interesting note: SJP is also a horsey-crooked face DOG with bad acting and -oooo- the same surname & need to go by 3 names. They could be sisters in my mind! YUCK!!!

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