Mary-Kate Olsen Frolicks

July 12th, 2005 // 20 Comments

Mary-Kate smokes and drinks a big glass-o-wine (she enjoys big beverages and big men).

Mary-Kate fails at her attempt to show off her amazing upper body strength. The story continues after the jump.

Mary-Kate plays with an adorable puppy.

Mary-Kate begins hallucinating after downing her psychotropic-drug-laced wine, and begins chasing the puppy that she believes has morphed into herself as a baby.

To calm herself down, Mary-Kate smokes some more.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. MK looks nuts!
    When was the last time she brushed her hair?

  2. wow, i guess that’s what NOT eating does to you. She still is super skinny. plus now that’s she’s smoking, she’ll loose even more weight! right?

  3. As a actress, doesn’t she know never to share the stage with a baby or cute dog.

  4. Kate

    actually I thinks that’s probably a regular sized wine glass…when you’re wasting away like that everything looks giant…unless….wait….that looks like it really is a giant baby!!!

  5. crystal

    her hair looks like that because its falling out. but other than that, even though you can’t see her back to notice rib showage, she doesn’t look all that terrible.

  6. z

    I don’t get why everyone is so cruel to her, she should be able to chill out with a glass of wine and a fag without bitchin, her hair is groovy so let it be

  7. Mariana

    She looks scary. Like a chimera.

  8. ocean

    she looks like she’s worshipping the wine. she rules.

  9. mk fan

    mary-kate looks hot!

  10. C murphy

    Where the frig is Ashley?!? Does she not notice her sister has become a crazy bag lady?!?

  11. Hodgie

    haha, shes too busy fucking jared leto apparently…

  12. ilostmyshoe

    I think I gave this woman a dollar the other day on my way to the subway.

  13. lala

    if she can afford all those uggly cloths she can totally afford a hair brush can’t she?
    Becuase she looks like a homeless hippie right now.

  14. black betty

    God, she’s hideous.

  15. K

    All this stuff got posted a few days ago, but I nevertheless feel obliged to respond. I am so thoroughly disgusted by some of you people. Are you trying to be witty with your comments about her? I don’t have any particular feelings about the Olsen twins either way — they are cute enough, I guess. But the malice some of you direct toward this girl in your comments is amazing, especially considering the fact that you’ve never even met her. Who cares about her hair? Do you look like a supermodel every second of every day? I know I certainly don’t. If I’m just hanging out with my family or close friends, I feel comfortable enough to just relax and not have to look perfect. The difference is, I don’t have a camera pointed at me from behind the bushes, and I don’t have a bunch of tools on the Internet critiquing my every move.

    You come across as spiteful and pathetic. You aren’t adding any new insights to the discussion, and your attempts at humor fail miserably. So to all of you who get your kicks out of bashing a teenage girl (who yes, does make her money because of her fame, but who also deserves her moments of privacy): do the world a favor and keep your mouth shut.

  16. oliverstwist

    oh hell no.
    Excuse me K but who are you to come on a site who’s intent is to post stories and pictures about celebs and hopefully people will comment on them. Comments are other people’s oppinion, people are free to to say, or write, what they think and just because you don’t like it dosn’t give you the right to tell all these poeple to shut up. IF ANYONE SHOULD SHUT UP IS YOU. You clearly have nothing to say but kiss ass.

  17. Levente Frindt

    K is completely right.

  18. sally

    I think mary kate looks really good i love her fashion the big T-Shirt look is kool!!! i also love her hair it’s awsome i wish i was like her she is my absolute IDOL!!!

  19. B0B

    if you’re that rich, why dress like a damn hobo?

  20. I do not believe this is true!

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