Mary Louise Parker Has Bono’s Back


Bono’s been suffering from some press reports that have indicated that his AIDS charity campaign, Red, has been putting more funds toward the marketing of the project, than was actually being given to those in Africa, suffering from the disease. In response, “Weeds,” star and fellow AIDS activist, Mary Louise Parker came to the rock star’s defense.

She says, “It’s tricky, I think, when you’re involved in charities and you’re always trying to find the one where the money gets there the quickest, you know, to get to the people with the greatest amount of need. It’s hard, and I’m sure people always have the greatest intentions.

“I’m sure (Bono) did. He’s a major philanthropist and has great intentions, and I would certainly never fault anyone who’s out to try to do something for the greater good of humanity.”

See? This is why I never attempt to do anything philanthropic, because it sounds complicated and I’m sure I’d just mess the whole thing up. That, and I’m selfish and lazy.