Mary Kay Letourneau Marries Her Former 12-Year-Old Pupil

Eww. Eww. Eww. What kind of crazy ass bitch is this woman.

About 200 guests – including the two children they had during their illicit affair, Audrey, 8, and Alexis Georgia, 7 – joined the closely guarded ceremony at a winery in Washington State. The daughters were flower girls.

Having spent more than seven years in prison for seducing her young student, Letourneau beamed at her wedding, wearing a white, scoop-neck couture gown adorned with handmade lace flowers, according to “Entertainment Tonight,” which negotiated exclusive rights to showcase the eyebrow-raising nuptials.

Letourneau’s teenage daughter from her previous marriage was her maid of honor, and among her bridesmaids were Fualaau’s sister, as well as a friend from the slammer.

Letourneau, now 43, told “ET” she had high hopes for her peculiar relationship: “There are tragic things that happen in everyone’s life, and this certainly was a tragedy. Those hard times pass and we had to both maintain a lot of strength. … We’re here and we’re hopeful.”

I mean this woman was 34 when she first had intercourse with her new husband, and he was 13. At 13 she more than fucked him, she fucked him up.

Mary Kay, Vili look past ‘tragedy’ [Daily Dish]