Mary Kay Letourneau Marries Her Former 12-Year-Old Pupil

May 23rd, 2005 // 15 Comments

Eww. Eww. Eww. What kind of crazy ass bitch is this woman.

About 200 guests – including the two children they had during their illicit affair, Audrey, 8, and Alexis Georgia, 7 – joined the closely guarded ceremony at a winery in Washington State. The daughters were flower girls.

Having spent more than seven years in prison for seducing her young student, Letourneau beamed at her wedding, wearing a white, scoop-neck couture gown adorned with handmade lace flowers, according to “Entertainment Tonight,” which negotiated exclusive rights to showcase the eyebrow-raising nuptials.

Letourneau’s teenage daughter from her previous marriage was her maid of honor, and among her bridesmaids were Fualaau’s sister, as well as a friend from the slammer.

Letourneau, now 43, told “ET” she had high hopes for her peculiar relationship: “There are tragic things that happen in everyone’s life, and this certainly was a tragedy. Those hard times pass and we had to both maintain a lot of strength. … We’re here and we’re hopeful.”

I mean this woman was 34 when she first had intercourse with her new husband, and he was 13. At 13 she more than fucked him, she fucked him up.

Mary Kay, Vili look past ‘tragedy’ [Daily Dish]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. ma

    This is just disgusting.

  2. Cynthia

    I was living in Seattle when this story first broke, and she was sent to jail. And I was astounded at the number of morons who would argue that ‘they are in love’. Uh huh! So when your son’s 34 year old teacher is messing around with him, your attitude would be that they were in love?!? Yeah, right! Or, let’s turn this around. If a 34 year old male teacher impregnated a twelve year old student, I doubt anyone would think they were in love. Or, if she weren’t a cute little blond teacher, people would not be saying that either. The world sure is a fucked up place!

  3. Tracy


    I completely agree with you. I was going to write as well that if this story was reversed there would be public outrage. The “male” teacher would be a monster and everyone would make sure he was locked up for a long time.
    I think Mary Kay is a SICK demented woman and will one day get hers.

  4. Cynthia

    Hey tracy, I am glad someone else sees through this farce called a romance. Mary Kay is bipolar, which probably does not help her pedophile problem. Her dad also got into some mess like this years ago. He was a congressman or senator or something in California. I can not remember the details. Anyhow, this is a sad, sad situation for all involved, and I think it is disgusting that some people are ignorant enough to think it is romantic.

  5. ms pink

    I think any 34 year old sleeping with any 13 year old needs severe therapy, medication and a swift kick in the ass. However, I doubt this “fucked him up”. If a girl were to sleep with his teacher, then yes, chances are she’d be scarred for life. However, a boy would end up with an ego boost, not to mention the unconditional admiration of his friends. I’m sure I’m going to get bitched at for this, but I still think it’s true. Double-standard or not, boys and girls ARE different.

    It’s still gross, though.

  6. it is gross

    it is gross and she did fuck him up. He MARRIED HER. He’s fucked up.

    OMG, the lives this unbalanced women has tainted. FOUR children from her first marriage, her first husband, Villi, and her two children with him. Will it ever end?

    All this, and Martha has to wear an ankle bracelet.


  7. Ms Pink-
    Sexual abuse is ABUSE, no matter who it’s happening to. As the ex-wife of a man who was “seduced” by his 8th grade art teacher, I can assure you that it damages you for life. My ex husband stole a car, ran away from home and lived on the streets to get away from her. He now has an 8th grade education and a large drug an alcohol problem. The fact that there are people like you who assume he should have an “ego boost” is sad. Villi is a victim. He had the right to go to school, learn and grow up without having to fend off the advances of an ADULT, just as you have the legal right to go to work and not be harrassed by your boss. Any adult who finds a child sexually attractive is a PEDOPHILE. The body heals from abuse but the emotional scars last forever.

  8. ma


    She should have been the ADULT in the situation and controlled her weird sexual impulses. NOw this young man has two children and he probably had to grow up so fast. He missed his childhood because of her. If she really loved him that much, even though its unrealistic, she should have waited until he was of age (at least).

  9. Cynthia

    If I wake up some morning and realize I am attracted to a CHILD, I will immediately get some help. THAT IS SICK!!!!

  10. Shaunda

    The first time I had ever herd of the story was one day when I was watching Lifetime, I thought this itself was sick. I’m in college now, but last year in high school I often herd the rumors of teachers sleeping with student, and have often witnessed the flirtatious remarks and body languages. Not being a victim myself, I do however think that this is wrong. I went home last week to visit my parents and watching the news, there’s another case of this 30 minutes from my high school. The sad thing is, this kid that Mary Kate victimized had no chance of living, he was just a boy. When you condone such behavior you should be punished.

  11. Andrea

    I watched a segment on the news about this so called wedding. This woman is a real piece of work. First she grooms (excuse the pun) her 12 year old student into this sexual, disgusting partnership—then let’s the man-child ask that Mary’s friends from prison not attend the wedding. I watched Christina Dress, who wrote a VERY favorable book about Mary Letourneau, arrive to the wedding in a white limo and then leave just an hour later. BEFORE THE WEDDING!

    I’d love to know what Christina Dress thinks of her ‘oh so loyal’ friend now?

    Some people blow my mind. This Letourneau woman is one of them.

    Andrea (Seattle, WA)

  12. Katie

    Christina Dress and Mary Kay Letourneau were more than “friends” in prison…I know, I was there. Christina Dress wrote a damn good book, to (Mass with Mary) but there’s so much is doesn’t begin to touch upon. I’d like Dress to tell the REAL/COMPLETE story. Mary Kay Letournreau can go rot in hell (which I’m sure she will). She’s evil. I’ve seen it.


  13. Katie

    Andrea…Christina Dress arrived at the letourneau wedding because she’s in love with Mary…and Mary HAS TOLD ME HERSELF SHE LOVES DRESS…I was incarcerated with them both. I know plenty. Believe there’s more to the story than what we see on the news.


  14. Missy

    OMG i think Mary Kays story is SOOOOOOOOOO sweet….. these 2 absolutely loved eachother, and finally tied the knot. God bless them, I hope they have a wonderful life together… Who cares how old he was… as long as he could get a hard on, and keep her satisfied thats all that matters, right??? the younger the meat the better. Speaking from experience here ;);)
    GOD BLESS both of them xoxoxo

  15. Teacher G

    OK, this is VERY old news by now, so I’m sure no one will read this, but having stumbled upon it, I just CAN’T let Missy’s be the last word on the subject.

    1. Missy, you gotta believe that if I had your address, I would be sending the police to your house to investigate, just for that last comment. You are one sick little perv.

    2. I used to be a teacher, and because I was a rare young male teacher in the school, I became a natural subject of much (absolutely fictional) malevolent gossip. The GOSSIP alone was enough to make my life miserable. Every now and then, some random kid would freak if I passed within 2 inches of them in the hall or, God forbid, actually bumped them in passing. Said student would then rush either to the principals office or to mommy, telling how the guy teacher had “touched them” or “came at me”. I’d then spend the next month being forced to “defend” myself for the action of walking down the hall or down the aisle in my own classroom. And that’s to say nothing of the terrible consequences if I caught a female student misbehaving and quickly turned my head in her direction. THEN the story would be that I was “looking at her funny.” All nice little, unspecific, petty, vague, and completely damning accusations. (“So you ADMIT that you walked TOWARD the GIRL?” “Yes, I was just…” “Well there we have it. He ADMITS doing it.”)

    Yet this woman doesn’t just brush against her student, or look at him, she outright FUCKS HIM. OVER AND OVER. Even AFTER her arrest. She gets PREGNANT by him. TWICE. She goes to jail and then….

    Lives happily ever after?

    My bad. I guess I did it all wrong. I should have fucked the brains out of an underage female student, got her preggers, and then married her in a few years. Then instead of EVERYONE scorning me for something I never did, I’d at least have had half of the knuckleheads on my side, giving me accolades for being “chivalrous and romantic” for something I did do. Or do I need to get a vagina first?

    Sheesh. This country is soooo screwed by hillbillies.
    We don’t let them vote, do we?

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