Mary Kate Olsen Keeps Wearing Ugly Clothing

October 27th, 2006 // 8 Comments

When did she become fashion roadkill? Those shoes, the scraggily hair, the shirts without pants, the purse that’s six times as big as her head? Plus, her penchant for black tights is getting old. I think someone needs to take Ashley to Glamor Shots.

More photos of a hiding Mary-Kate Olsen and Maxwell Snow after the jump.

Written by Lauren Burch

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. trxy22

    I just saw mary kate on sunday around 5pm at Dylan’s candy bar in NYC…her outfit looked much like what she has on in the pics above…def the same shoes…i didnt know it was her and was looking down and saw a girl with a run in her black stocking and the same exact boots pictured above with an oversized black coat. Her hair was a mess and so was her makeup…she was way to skinny! Not impressed!

  2. otto

    Just another victim of fashion. So do the moron twins actually do anything, other than collect megabucks from their fashion lines? Maybe somebody should tell they don’t have to wear this shit.

  3. Daisy Kyle

    you guys are crazy! i LOVE her fastion! the oversized coat, bags and glasses are so sophistacated and make her and anyone look extreemly elagent! those shoes are really vintage but morden all at the same time! the whole tights obsession rocks really adds a twist to boring outfit, like this coat, not all that dazzling but her legs really are amazing and tone it u a lot, and very chiq!

    her weight is perfect, not to skinny and not fat at all! i love her

  4. Jade

    ACTAULLY, there style is adorable. You guys just dont sense of fashion. You are probably bored with your own 40 year old lives & have nothing better to do then sit on here and rag on millonaires. How much do you bring in on a monthly basis? Dont be jelous. Mary Kate is adorable and her style fits here perfectly. Im sure Jenny Craig has heard from you numerous times. Get a fucking life. <3

  5. dorothy

    hey….every person has a different way to look at things….dont blame her…if she is happy like that,leave her! what do you think about rock, punk, barbie style…i think its the same thing….all the best 4 mk…you go girl….

  6. jas

    woah wat happended to her.she usta wear nice clothes wen she was younger but now ugly clothes.wat is happening to her.and that outfit shes wearing on that pic looks like a 60s or 80s style.come on mary-kate really.

  7. Jessi

    Yous guys shouldn’t be so hard on her, I agree with the whole she should eat something, but she is naturally skinny and she so little! As well, back to the main topic, she has great fashion, just because it’s diffrent doesn’t means it bad. It grungy chic.

  8. Chelsey

    Its Called Bohomian And I Think Its Fanstastic :]
    And Jas, It Is 60s Or 80s Made Into A Great Style.

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