Mary Kate Olsen Has Eating Disorder Because Ashley Ate All Her Food

June 22nd, 2004 // 96 Comments

We should have seen this coming. If anyone has seen photos of the Olsen Twins lately, you could see something was obviously up. While Ashley has become freakishly huge, Mary Kate has been suffering.

According to Mary Kate’s therapist’s sister’s cousin’s housekeeper, Ashley has been secretly stealing Mary Kate’s food for years. Ashley has been spiking her own food with growth hormones as well. Apparently Ashley didn’t want to be identical to Mary Kate anymore.


By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. “According to Mary Kate’s therapist’s sister’s cousin’s housekeeper, Ashley has been secretly stealing Mary Kate’s food for years.”

    Brilliant, Miu.

  2. It reminds me so much of these twin sisters I knew in high school. They were “flyers” for the cheer-leading squad and had to be incredibly tiny…well, they were born that way (they actually had to take growth hormones they were so small). I guess being in the limelight does something to people and one of them became anorexic. It was so strange to see the tiniest girl in school making herself sick, winding-up in rehab in another state. We are a very self-aware culture.

  3. Disgusted

    Uh in response to Miu…………Ashley is NOT frakishly huge in any way at all. She is a beautiful girl that I actually think could even put on a few pounds and still look gorgeous. You just need to lay off.

  4. nichola

    this is a exagurated comment


    grow up. god. I dont know what ashley your talking about but ashley Olsen is no where near huge. shes so skinny & so pretty. your just fuckin jealous. god. Ashley has nothing to do with Mary-Kates disorder. You have no-life or no respect for them.

  6. Grow up you loser

    You obviously have nothing better to do with your time!..Stop hating on them,because your just jealous you cant be pretty like them!..So,get over yourself!..freak!..

  7. First of all Ashley has nothing to do with Mary-Kate’s situation!! Both Mary-Kate and Ashley are both very pretty! Ashley is not huge and eaither is Mary-Kate! You need to quit your jealousy and relize what your saying cuz you dont know how it is hurting many people so just grow up and mind your own business!!

  8. Your photo of Mary Kate and Ashley is a fake. You can tell. In other photos ashley is almost the same size as Mary kate.

  9. fiza shehzad

    i don’t think that ashley stole mary-kates all the tarapist are rong, a sister might so much hate her sister but she would never wanna see her diein or makin her sick, its just rong blamin everything on ashley, and mary-kate also know taht her sister would never do that, from the beginin they were equal they came in shows movie together then all of a sudden they do that rong they would never do that and mary-kate nor ashley are fat or huge and they are not big from my opinion they are the most prettiest girls in the whole entire universe and whole entire planets so all of ya who talkin better stay shut and also don’t get in to anybody business. mary-kate and ashley don’t belive anybody they just wanted to b like you but they know they can’t and then they just talk thats all they can do talk, cuz the stupid so ya both just take care of ya self and don’t even care about anybody. they don’t get it what position ya both are in u gotta stay fitt to be in the movies have to eat certain food and its hard, but people just talk so people don’t talk and take care of ya own business.

  10. andi

    what the hell is this ahaha ALL of you are weird….damn…ahahaha

  11. Laura

    Who ever came up with this idea about Ashley stealing Mary-Kate’s food obviously has nothing better to do than spread a vicious rumor. Both twins are beautiful and Ashley is not huge. You only enhanced Ashley’s picture you idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. friend of the twins

    first of all I know both Mary-Kate and Ashley and this commentary is sooo pathetic I am shocked. its people like the writer of this article that obsess and gossip who are the problem!!!!! All this writer has served to do is alienate the two of them!!!!… imagine if you had the whole world watching everything you did! How could you not be overly concerned with your image? considering Ashley and Mary-Kate have been in the limelite for practically their whole lives… I think they are doing an excellent job maintaining a healthy existence. God forbid one of them happens to suffer from a disorder that is largely to do with control and self-consciousness- not to say she is insecure but to say that she is way too concious of herself bc of people ALWAYS watching her! and talking/gossiping about her!!!
    i think everyone should grow up and treat these two girls as HUMAN BEINGS and have some COMPASSION for the fact that they are always in the public eye. and one other thing- those who criticize them- GET A LIFE!

  13. duhhh

    oh my goodness these comments are too funny! um, teen girl squad– it’s called sarcasm! and, uh, ya think the photo is fake?!

  14. hello?

    What’s wrong with all of you. This picture and posting were OBVIOUSLY a joke. Albeit a cruel and poorly timed joke, but still a joke.

  15. Karmen

    the photo has been tampered with obviously!!! i always thought mary-kate looked a lot skinnier than ashley. i never liked them, but i really feel sorry for mk. i mean, people keep saying, oh i can’t beleive she has an eating disorder. she’s just like anyone else. and with all the pressure to make it big and to make more money, it’s hard. especially with hollywood’s idea of what ” women should look like “

  16. “Ashley Ate All Her Food” is classic, Miu.

    BTW, there’s nothing worse than when today’s teenagers feel compelled to post – especially in anger or in defense of someone they loooooooove. It’s painful and somewhat frightening to witness the wondrous effects of our educational system …

    … or maybe they just don’t pay attention.

    Yes, our future voters, telemarketers and (oh God) parents can neither spell, form complete sentences, nor logically distinguish between satire and straight commentary … or “Fun with Photoshop” for that matter. So sad.

  17. Steve

    Shame on Ashley for stealing Mary Kate’s food. Are they always photographed as Mary Kate on the left and Ashley on the right? If so, does this mean they are conjoined?

  18. fab gal 18

    Miu, you are hilarious. As for those defending the twins, maybe you should look up sarcasm in the dictionary.

  19. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH. I absolutely loved reading all of the comments for this post. Oh, and I love your blog. I visit… very often. :P

  20. kristina

    this is bull shit ashley did not steal mary-kates food get the fax’s strat bitch

  21. kristina

    the photo is FAKE

  22. taryn

    the foto is fake NO WAY?! ashley really isn’t stealing all the food NO WAY?! there really r no weapons of mass destruction? WAT’S THE WORLD COMING TO?!!

    well done miu, another brill write-up*

  23. Riley Mc LAughlin

    I think mary kate and ashley are one of the most beautiful teen actresses out there i hope mary kate gets well but you are just an asshole has no time on thier hands so has to make jokes about a verry serious matter! their is no way in hell ashley is that big so keep your comments to yourself please it is not doing anyone in this world any good you can already see what we have come to these days would you go making fun of the men who got their heads cut off in iraq… think about it!

  24. Kaitlin

    Who ever made up that stupid lie about Ashley stealing Mary-Kate’s food for years is sooooo pathetically dumb….tthey are both rich they have enough money to buy food for them selves…..and Ashley is not huge like you say she is….she is soooo beautiful and perfect looking that you are probably just jelouse…you are probably just spreading this rumor because you want to become known or famous or what ever you want to call it

  25. Kayleigh

    Wait are you kidding me?? they are billionairs why would she still her sisters food when she could buy a whole grocery store?? I think, no wait I know that you are so jelous of these girls success that you have to post rediculous crap like this to make you feel better about yourself I would hate to see how “freekishly huge” you are!! All you did was blow up Ashelys pic if you look at her she is still tiny just LOOKS bigger you are full of crap and have serious selfesteem isues and you need to talk to your house keepers cousins sisters therapist!!!!!

  26. Betty

    hey i think u r very fucked up in the head!! u only blew up Ashley’s picture u dumb ass!! for god’s sake! give mary kate a lil sympathy here! geezus! ur very messed up thats for f—in sho! ugly freak!!! stupid biatch!!!!!!

  27. Sarah DeCoteau

    this is stupid u guys need to get the facts strait and ASHLEY olson is not FAT and Mary-Kate maybe as skinny as a rail.. but so is Ashley. Mary-Kate must have alot of stuff on her mind and thats why she did it.. i was Mary-Kate and Ashley fans since i was 2 years old so get over yourselves and get a life

  28. tiff aka chester

    wtf u people must be blind if you cant tell that the pic is so fucking fake if you all hatein so much why dont you get a fuckin life and stop trying to get in mary-kates… and we all no mary-kate and ashley look a like so why isnt ashley with her sister ? well i thikn ashley is going to gane some weight b.c. her sister needs to an they dont want the same thing happening to ashley well its not like i would ever get to meet them but it was like my only dream to meet then an if some thing happens to mary-kate then i would never beable to fulfill to dream ( im never going to get to meet then but mary-kate pleases get better soon) i love ya 2 very much u guys have so much to live for

  29. her

    fu all she has a problem because of pressure!!!asnsley is is only awbout 10lbs more thn her!!!

  30. tasha

    According to Mary Kate’s therapist’s sister’s cousin’s housekeeper, Ashley has been secretly stealing Mary Kate’s food for years

    I love it!

    and I love how people are getting so mad over the post and the picture.

  31. teehee

    this is quite fun.

    keep it coming.

  32. Nikki

    It is so mean that everyone is making such a huge deal of Mary Kate’s condition to begin with. If you had a problem like that, and went for help, would you want people writing all over the tabloids about you? I think not. Both twins are extremely beautiful, so whoever did this, joking or not, must be highly insecure and overweight themselves. Its not like I personally know them or anything, but, if I were in the same position, I would be incredibly hurt and confused. Its sites like these that contribute to young girls’ insecurities and mental health turmoil to begin with. It is shocking, to say the least, that somebody would even take the time to poke fun at a serious disease. If she were in the hospital for cancer, would you really create a site like this? Anarexia is a serious disease, one that should never be made fun of or taken lightly. I feel so bad for the poor girl, I can only imagine how she must feel reading stuff like this, and trust me, she does read it. Oh, and by the way, Ashley is in no way anything near huge, she is so skinny and pretty, and very healthy. The media nowadays is so harsh it is scary. I’m not passing judgement, but, whoever wrote this, might want to lay off the chips and soda for a while, because it is so obvious you are not at a healthy weight yourself.

  33. zikrah

    this is stupid. whoever wrote dis junk should GET A LIFE!! mary-kate and ashley are really pretty! its not ashleys fault dat mary-kate’s got a problem- dats just pothetic. mary-kate has enuf on her mind and she most probably dosnt wont ppl goin on about it and makin fun. and dat pic is fake. u can soooooo tell. u blew up ashleys pic. ive bin there fans since i was 3 years old and i find it really hard to believe dis stupid junk in dis article.

  34. elle

    I weep for our future . . . Miu, you make me laugh every day!!

  35. Mayrie

    this article is soooooooo wrong! ashley and mk love each other, and if ashley was stealing mk’s food, wouldn’t mk find out by now? i mean, she’s not dumb….wherever u got this information, u ppl are wrong, cause the twins love each other, and every1 knows that! At least MK’s seeking help. “Some ppl” like to keep it to themselves, or even die cause of eating disorders.

  36. emma

    i think it is sad that mary kate has got anorexioa and i still think that it is really mean blaming it on ashley eating all her food
    cut her a littlke slack please

  37. o my gosh! how could ne 1 say things like this. these r the most beautiful and talented girls i no! i envey them, look up to them… but im sure a lot of other people do too. Mary kate and ashley r proubly under soooo much presure with this life… im sure its not all fun and games!!! i totally agree with nikki! how wood you feel if you were sick like this and people made fun of you and set up these STUPIB site to make themselves look so muh better! i no its sad but i completely understand y ne star { or ne 1 4 that matter} would do something like this! i always watch there shows im such a huge fan and i juss want you girls to no u r so deeply loved that there is no reason to change bc u r both perfect the way you are! lol im even wearing their shirt hee hee! ill be praying for you girls …. lots of love!!! KATELYN ELIZABETH the huge fan****

  38. bianca

    It’s the first time I read the comments to a post and…well, I’m lost for words!!!
    Je n’arrive vraiment pas

  39. ~ASHLEY**G..

    HEY!!!! stop running your mouth about Mary-kate and AShley olsen!!AShley did not take her sisters food. ALL YA stop saying that AShley olsen is Freakishly huge cuz both of them are so beautiful girls!!!!!!!!!!! BACK OFF!!

  40. Becca

    Whoaaaa.. Someone messed with that picture anyone can tell that.. and who ever said that Ashley was stealing her food is so damn stupid.. Theres no way I would want my sister to suffer like that.. No matter how much I dislike her.. And the way I see it MK and Ashley have one of the greatest sister relationships I have ever seen.. And Both of those girls are some of the most prettiest girls I have ever seen… They have always been my role modles… And everyone who is talking shit about them can go to hell.. Because no one really knows the facts except them! Anyone who can say some stuff like that is just one stupid fat ass jealous bitch who didnt make it to the big times like they did!

  41. Hey everyone, I just have a few things that I have to say. First, I copied the picture and tweeked it up a bit, and yea, its definitaly been pushed and pulled, no ones arms and legs are that twisted and yanked! duh. Secondly, Ashley has so much money combined with MK that if she was hungry, she could by her own Sam’s Club. I really don’t think she ate MK’s food. And lastly, keep putting messages up, I think everyone’s opinion is important, and some of the comments are funny. I love MK and Ashley…they’re totally beau!

  42. Morgan

    Mary-Kate and Ashley are pretty, skinny, talented, rich, famous, and funny. There pretty much perfect until Mary~Kate was under so much pressure of her figure that she gave up on eating. She WILL get better though. She is my cousin and I know that she will get better. I just saw her yesterday. Ash and me are gonna head off to Australia. Whoever made this phoney site is dumb. Don’t talk about my cousins that way:(

  43. jen

    you people are crazy…ashley has not been secretly stealing mary kate’s food, where would u hear that. ashley hopes mary kate gets better cuz she canceled to go to australia to be with her i have no clu where u would get somethin like that crazy pplz.

  44. marie

    you guys are such liers how in the hell could she take her food wouldnt that be a little odd? and did you not even notice that mary kate only drank coffle? and even when she was offered food she refusedd to touch it? so what she told her dont eat or what jezz you guys are such dam idoits! what freaks just trying to start something well im here to finish it!

  45. Sommer

    Are you guys telling the truth? Would Ashley really try hurting her sister? Don’t they like each other? Pleasse let me know all about it!

  46. KW what the heck? shut up!!!!!

    WHAT THE HECK???mary-kate only did that because of presure and…. how could ashley , why would ashley steal mary-kates food?if you look at all their pictures together, they are so close and ashley would never do that to someone expesily her sis. why dont you talk about your self instead of mary-kate and ashley???just shut u with all this crap your sayin !!!!!!!!!!!!!and everyone knows that picture is fake!!!casue i ahve the same picture and ashley aint fat like you say she is!!!

  47. leslie

    Ashley would never steal her sisters food!!! What kind of freak are you? Ashley is not getting bigger!! You are such a liar!!You are just jelous because you could never be as gorgeous or honest as they are! I agree w/Tasha. Steve& her need to shut their fuckin’ mouthes oh & Marie Ashley did not steal her sisters food, yes they love each other.No Ashley would not hurt her sister. Oh and my friend has that picture & Ashley is not that big!

  48. geta clue

    you’re an idiot…you blew up the wrong sister dim-wit! Ashley is on the other side. Get a clue.

  49. Summer

    Sometimes I ask myself, while standing in line at the grocery store, “Who would believe any of the crap they print in all of these tabloids?” Well, now I know! Miu, you are hilarious! I just pray that the people who are “standing up” for Mary-Kate on this web site 1. Buy a dictionary 2. Use birth control 3. Never register to vote. Hopefully they will spend all of their time looking up “stalker fan” web sites and never leave their homes.

  50. ash

    no one here knows what it’s like to have an eating disorder. i had anexoria for a long time and i spent 3 months in a treatment center last summer. i saw girls ranging from age of 12 to 17 in my center with tubes in their noses, not to mention the adults in the sever care center who were golf carted all over the place. how one girl was so bad they wouldn’t let her stay so she had to be life flighted to colorado. it’s not just something you can get rid of, it still affects me today. unfortunatley mary kate will never over come this disorder. and for the person who wrote that ashley is huge and that she “stole all of her (mary kate) food” needs to take a look at life and grow up. you obviouly don’t understand females and you don’t know what it would be like. it takes a lot of strenth to do what mary kate did and ashley is doing exactly what she needs to…be suportive. i’ve learned not to care about what others think, so if you are so inclined go ahead and bash me…see if i care. but just remember how much it can affect somebody else. put yourself in someone else’s shose and walk around a bit. espically think about how mary kate feels.

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