Mary Kate Gets Praise from Ghandi

October 22nd, 2007 // 4 Comments

Mary Kate Olsen may look exasperated with the paparazzi in this photo, throwing her hands up in the air in annoyance, but maybe some big compliments paid to her by her co-star, Ben Kingsley, will help lift her spirits. The tiny starlet with a fondness for layers was described by Kingsley, with whom she stars in “The Wackness,” in very glowing terms. The 63-year-old actor told was quoted by the New York Daily News as saying:

“Mary-Kate is a genius. She’s great company and a very good actor indeed.”

I like to believe good things about the Olsen twins in general. But let’s be honest here, even if they don’t have any good qualities, they’re so ridiculously rich, they could simply buy cool personalities. And quite frankly, I’m broke enough to sell, if anyone’s wondering.

Photos: Flynet Onilne

By Lisa Timmons

  1. fyi

    it’s spelled GANDHI

  2. anonymous

    For God´s sake, can someone save these twins???? Where do they get their clothing?!?!?!? They need help, QUICK!!!! They don´t even look like stars but more like homeless bums…

  3. green cardigan

    I seriously doubt her feet reach the peddles in that car. That has got to be worse than driving the wrong way down a highway or without a license, or drunk.

    Book her for DUH – Driving Under Height.

    Gandhi said she was a genius? The mind boggles.

  4. Axeldee


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