Mary J. Blige Demands A Fresh Toilet Seat For Her Ass

March 7th, 2006 // 7 Comments

Mary, Mary, Mary. Mary J. Blige does think of herself as an MVP. Concert riders are a window to an artists soul, and Mary J. Blige has one interesting soul. Ms. Blige’s dressing room must have a private toilet with a new toilet seat! Mary doesn’t want her ass to touch where someone’s ass has touched before. Amen to that!

Blige requires, among other things, six cans of “Schweeps Ginger Ale,” Aveda candles, and a tub of Red Vine licorice. Oh, and her ten bottles of water “absolutely, positively must be FIJI.” Blige is equally demanding when it comes to the rider her people forward to hotels, where she checks in as “Mrs. Jefferson.” In that separate document, Blige requires a presidential suite and asks that the hotel not rent a connecting room if there is one. She demands that her “Do Not Disturb” sign be honored by housekeeping personnel, and this is such an important point that it is driven home with 26 exclamation points. And forget about operating any vacuums or noisy equipment in the hallway outside Mrs. Jefferson’s suite. Blige & Co. even want to be apprised of any “construction or redecorating” occurring “in or near the hotel.” If such work forces them to decamp, “relocation…will be at expense of the hotel.” Of course.

35 Cities, 35 Toilet Seats [TSG]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. doofus

    what’s funny is that the toilet seat is most often the CLEANEST item in any given place. it’s because people are diligent about cleaning it due to the “dirty” perception people have of it. they clean it MORE than other surfaces in their house.

    when Mythbusters tested the “5 second rule” (about dropping things), the cleanest surface by FAR in their studio was the toilet seat (based on bacteria parts per square inch or whatever…).

    what Mary SHOULD want “new” are the linens (filthiest thing in hotels…) and remote controls.

  2. tia

    Danm .. can you say diva ?? I understand the whole toilet seat thing thou … i’m a germ phobic. I know that its clean but just to know someone elses was on it grosses me out. So I always put toilet paper on the seat before I sit down. Okay now that you all know what I do when I use the bathroom have a nice day :)

  3. doofus

    tia, ya know what’s dirtier than the toilet seat in a public bathroom?

    the lock and handle on the stall door, and the handle to the door of the bathroom itself. (do you realize how many people DON’T wash their hands after they go?!)

    after you wash your hands, use some more paper towel to open the door as you leave the bathroom.

  4. tia

    Doofus, im a Germ Phobic ….. im waaaaay ahead of you !!! I’m similar to leo’s character in the aviator ( thats how bad i’am)

  5. stars

    every star has that list. it’s normal in hollywood.

  6. ANONA

    doofus, right on!! There have been numerous “detective” investigations by 20/20 and other “Expose`” news sources regarding the linens on bedding. It soo gross. They often have traces of blood, urine, sperm, etc.

    Definently have the linens washed Mary. You don’t want to come out with a skin rash!!

  7. Silasdog

    That Doofus is one bright guy. But I doubt this Mary J babe is going to be doing a gig where the potty isn’t pretty damn clean. I mean, comon, she won’t be sing at Big Joe’s Rib joint anytime soon.

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