Mary-Kate Olsen: Pleased To Be On The Jury

At the Tribeca Film Festival, that is.

The tiny Weeds actress who never met a layer of clothing she didn’t like, Mary-Kate Olsen admitted at the Chanel and Tribeca Film Festival Artists’ Dinner  that although the prospect of deciding what top prizes would be awarded to films, it was still a daunting task.

“I wish there was a class. It’s a huge honor to be a part of it. I’ve been watching the movies. I just started, so I don’t know what we do or what’s going to happen,” Mary-Kate told USA Today.

One thing we can guarantee that will happen is that the elbows of esteemed film lovers will be rubbing against one another with a slew of Oscar winners and nominees in attendance at the event.

Everybody looked pretty good, in their finery, except for the confusing choice of Diane Kruger to wear pantaloons. I didn’t even realize those were still being made, much less worn on the red carpet.

Gallery Info: Mary Kate Olsen, Adrien Brody, Henry Cavill, Viola Davis, Melissa Leo, Molly Shannon, Debra Messing, Robert DeNiro, Grace Hightower, Matthew Modine, Oliver Jackson Cohen, Moby, Alexis Bledel, Kerry Washington, Bradley Cooper and Diane Kruger at the Chanel and Tribeca Film Festival Artists’ Dinner.