Mary-Kate Olsen Gets Wasted

While Mary-Kate isn’t wasted in this photo, I’m sure she’s enjoying quite a coffee buzz.

A guest at Naomi Campbell’s 35th-birthday party last month sent me some surreptitiously snapped pics of Mary-Kate Olsen enjoying herself with new boyfriend Stavros Niarchos 3rd.

Let’s just say M-K looks like she may have had a teensy bit to drink.

One memorable shot shows the 6-foot-somethin’ Stavros – who has masses of neck-length brown hair – leaning over to plant a kiss on his 5-foot-2 belle, who is swooning (I think that’s the polite word for it) into his arms.

The photographer tells me: “At one point Mary-Kate was sitting next to Penelope Cruz on a bench, looking totally wasted. It was almost like she was on the verge of throwing up.”.

Mary-Kate drunk? Why she’s always such a perfect picture of class.

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