Mary-Kate Olsen Gives The Finger

June 3rd, 2005 // 35 Comments

Right back at ya sweetheart. Here’s a little known Mary-Kate fact. You must be 130 cm to ride her.

guidelines for dating Mary-Kate Olsen [cityrag]

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. patty

    if i had to deal with the stuff she does on a daily basis with paparazzi and nasty rumours about me the least i would do is give the finger. it’s one thing to be critical of someone in the public eye for stupid or hypocritical things they do but i think people are so harsh to certain celebrities, picking on them for things they have no control over, like their appearance. i’m always reading about the olsen twins being called “monkeys” or being made fun of because they are short, thin etc. go ahead and make fun of the way they dress if you want, that’s a choice they make (though they’re a couple of the only women that actually have a style of their own rather than looking like every other bimbo in hollywood *and* they are trendsetters in the sense that many other ‘it’ girls are now ripping off their style in some form), but why is it necessary to be so cruel about their appearance. i bet most of the people saying stuff like that aren’t half as cute as mk or ashley. also, is it such a shock that mk has body image issues and hides her body behind big clothes. a big part of anorexia for many women is trying to hide or lose ‘womanly’ curves. poor thing has had nasty perverts looking at her and counting down ’til she was ‘legal’ since she was a child. how sick is that? our society creates eating disorders and then, rather than trying to help, most people make fun of or trash people who develop these problems. btw, her current boy friend is *not* a ‘pedophile’ – she’s an adult!!

  2. Bedstuy

    Your whole rant is cute but she is rich! AND she is rich specifically because of that very machine that she is flipping off. I mean what?! 10 year old little girls could not properly develop their obsession with the twins if they were not constantly inundated with photos of them. Furthermore, no we don’t have to help her. Thousands of young women who are broke and alone have to deal with eating disorders. She can do it too. And stop painting women as weak lost souls who can not withstand the pressure of society’s current obsession with thinness. I too have/had a little anorexia problem and as I slowly started starving myself at 14 I knew exactly what I was doing and like most girls/women dealing with anorexia will tell you, ulitmately, it is not about being skinny. There is a difference between extreme dieting and anorexia.
    PS Sorry she does look like a monkey but whatever she is rich and I am sure she could give a shit about what a bunch of non-equally rich people think.

  3. MaryKCokeRage

    RAR, flashbulbs make Mary K Cokehead mad. Mary K Rage!

    Seriously, what is wrong with her hands? Odd knuckles…

  4. patty

    this is in response to Bedstuy’s comment:

    young girls also couldn’t develop their obsession with fairy tale princesses, skanky clothes etc if they weren’t inundated with images. yes, she’s a part of “the machine” but she didn’t create it on her own. she has every right to flip off people that invade her space. just because someone is in the public eye doesn’t mean they lose their right to try and protect some of their privacy or to react when people invade it. that was my point – good for her for finally flipping off her stalkers. that’s what a strong woman would do, right??

    and excuse me, when did i paint women as weak lost souls? i certainly do not see women that way. i myself am a strong woman who, like many others, has had my own problems with anorexia and bulimia since the 8th grade. i do see that young people are very easily influenced by what they see around them and, especially for girls that do not receive positive messages from families or other places, media can have a big influence. i have a young daughter now and even at her age i don’t see her as a weak soul. i don’t want her growing up and feeling bad about herself because we live in a world where all that matters is appearances. she will have to understand that it is a part of our culture but she doesn’t have to buy into it. i called mk a “poor thing” in reference to a specific comment i made about her having to deal with sick perverts ogling her through her teenage years. that’s just gross. i feel bad for all young girls who must deal with that before they can understand it.

    also i never said we had to help or should help mk. did you even read what i wrote? i made a general comment about a society that creates these problems and then shames the person living with them. mk is one example. and thanks for the mini-lesson on anorexia. i thought it was clear that i understood that eating disorders “ulitmately, [are] not about being skinny” when i commented that “a big part of anorexia for many women is trying to hide or lose ‘womanly’ curves”. i am well aware that eating disorders are a result of many issues.

    wtf difference does it make that she’s rich? you sound so bitter. go ahead and resent people who are better off than you but it makes no sense to me in relation to anything i said. i hope that all women who struggle with these and any issues, rich or poor, can get the help they need and i am very aware that things are not as easy when you’re not well off. in canada our health care system covers things like helping people with things like that and that’s how i received treatment as a teenager.

    and, isn’t reading about celebrity gossip and calling her a “monkey” also feeding into the whole “machine”. seems you’re just as bad as mary-kate. it’s not just RICH people who feed into that.

  5. bedstuy

    Wow Patty you’re angry. Don’t take yourself so seriously. And btw I makde nice money too! But more importantly this is a fun happy blog. Reading your comments is a lot like work. Which I only do because I am compensated so nicely Somewhere there is a overy touchy fuzzy warm feeling blog just waiting for yah! Have fun.

    PS Still ugly ;)

  6. miguelito

    leave her ALONE!!! she is almost done with the poison!! arrghhh!!

  7. lauren

    WHO gives a crud? everyone gets mad?

  8. Erica

    Miu, can you please create a character limit for comments? Some people are very sensitive about “their celebrities.”

  9. mistic

    i dont care how much money she has, she just makes me sick. looking at her makes me ill. she needs to eat a sandwich and stop smoking so much crack. how pathetic can she be to have so much money and still manage to f*ck up her life and look like a piece of shit. Not that money can solve everything, but imagine she was broke? how would she look then?

  10. mistic

    oh, and no matter how old they get, they still look like chimps to me. never found them cute.

  11. kaya

    Anyone else think she lookes like a cracked out Britney Murphy?

  12. Mariana

    I’d love to have their money, but I wouldn’t want to be them. It DOES have to fuck you up a little to have those “’till they’re legal” countown sites.

    This is all they’re known since birth. Sad.

  13. Jax

    Looks to me like she has a deformed middle finger. Wonder if she likes men with deformed penises??
    Or maybe other women with deformed middle fingers.

    I’ve never seriously seen the attraction others see in these two. I can’t tell how sick I am of hearing the title, “Teeny-tiny teen titians.” No, they’re not…

    I think both sisters look like they got their faces steamrolled. C’mon, guys, it isn’t about true talent but about how your agent (with whom stars generally sleep) markets your talentless ass.

    I hope like hell neither of them ever get into politics, because then I’ll move to Canada.


  14. Jessie

    I strongly feel as though MK should not have done that. I mean really…what is that telling you. Sure, they may have been all innocent when they were in Full House, but they are grown up now. They know they have little children as fans and MK should have know better. Yes, I know you all are going to say….”It’s the paparazzi’s fault”. I don’t think it is. I mean really…if you are a celebrity than yeah, that’s what happens..people like to get pictures of you. These girls also had a choice whether they wanted to keep doing all this acting,etc. They sell books, movies, makeup, clothes, furniture etc… They didn’t need to keep doing all that. They could have stopped any time they wanted to, but they CHOSE to keep doing as they were doing. Therefore, I do not feel sorry for them at all. That is what they wanted to do and everything else (getting your pics taken) all goes along with it. Thanks for your time everyone. You can all post what you want…but I also want you to know….THIS IS MY OPINION.

  15. Chelz

    GET OVER IT, if you cant handle the heat leave the kitchen, so what i am saying is if you cant handle her flipping off the pap then dont be her fan, but just shut up, cuz you have not walked in mks shoes, and she can be who she wants to be

  16. Rachael

    I’m not going to say, it’s paparazzi’s foult. I’m nt going to say its MK’s fault… It isn’t anybody’s fault.. it isn’t a fault! I wasn’t there s I don’t know what exactly happend but whats the big deal? People do it all the time, if your famous everybody’s talking about it all of the sudden.. about the lil kids fan.. I think most of their fans are about 14/15/16 and little children who are their fans I dont think most of them get to see it at all! but SO WHAT?

  17. Molly

    I agree with you, but sometimes people get frustrated and flick off, lol.. but I totally agree that it’s thier choice that they get thesepics becuz they chose these careers; they could have stopped but they didnt.

  18. Bella

    Well, people shouldn’t be invading her privacy!!!!! You imagine being followed every single day of your life by strangers to take pics of you!!

  19. Alexis

    I agree, she shouldn’t of done that….I understand that the pap shouldn’t interfere with the celebs very personal lives but who is giving them their millions of dollars? All of their fans including some very young ones….so by MK flipping off the paparazzi is very inappropriate. Some of these stars should stop feeling so bad for themselves and get over it if they can’t handle the heat they shouldn’t be in the kitchen. There are plenty of stars out there that have been chased by the pap and never flipped them off. Sorry So Long but I think it needed to be said.

  20. tia

    the younger fans probally put a finger up ne ways so 2 c mk do it wont make a difference

  21. Ana

    I know…mk just thinks she can make all that money..and not be bothered by the press at all. I knew that once they got really rich…they wouldn’t care anymore and start acting like snobs. I bet that’s all they cared about from the first place (MAKING MONEY). Well at least ashley is still handeling her self better…

  22. katherine

    its HER life… not little kids lives. And most little kids wont ever see that picture. She’s the one that has to put up with the paparazzi.

    Maybe sshe doesnt even want to be in the limelight anymore. She hasnt been doing any projects and has none in mind.

  23. Sally

    Its sad because i have young cousins who think shes beautiful and waste thier money on thier stupid dolls and movies… seriously has anyone seen thier SO LITTLE TIME videos? its by FAR the wotst thing i have ever watched and is as interesting as watching paint dry and you can listen to incredibly fake laughing track

    They cant act or sing (go forbid they start singing!)why waste money or time on those two fuc*ed up crack-heads. Role models? pfft.

  24. Maria

    It must be a pain in the ass to be followed and photographed constantly, HOWEVER, that is what happens when you get into the business they’ve been in for their whole lives. And if you can’t handle that, well then, maybe you shouldn’t be in that business, making all those millions.

  25. lizi

    Hello molly? are you thick? she was 9 months old when she started acting idon’t really think she had much of a choice i don’t think she chose this lifestyle at all if u haven’t noticed she’s trying to stay out of the limelight u fuckin nut job!

  26. boysjustdon'tgiveashit

    Girls are retarded!

  27. Amanda

    Hey you know what, there still kids, there only 19 there not even adult yet. I just turn 20 and i am still not a adult, everybody make miskates. I am oppessed and i a big big big fan of marykate and ashley but truthh is every body go througth this, they didn’t had lot of child fun they little. they had sowrk on full hosue alot and moies and videos the ydidn’t say anything like we mkin money all that. people did on tv oh there making millions whatever. i have a cousin same way as mk it so odd but u know what. they need a life. people neeed leave them alone. maybe mk dont want to be popluar. in school maybe she would not want be popluar one couse she dont or want be follow.. but i know she should know better and that little girls look up to them. ut i dont understand why you smokes. it werid. she dont relize how much it hurt lose someoen?? feel she just try show everybody make miskates and that she learn from it. but i am glad she not like britney show her skin u know? but i dont htink there snobs. i think way people raise them on tv treat them like one on movies and shows. not let them pick they want to say. all life people make them say gott it dude and stuff like that. all i do is pray for her and every one who struggel. every one struggel about somehting right?? even a stupid little thing.. i hoe she get her act up and open her eyes and see her self.

  28. Nikki

    Wow, so we’re debating over a 19 year old girl flicking off a camera? If you haven’t noticed, almost every celebrity has flicked off the camera at one point or another. It really isn’t that big of a deal. I’m a 19 year old girl and I’d do it for fun, geez. And so what if she has young fans…most will never see this picture anyway.

  29. Tyler

    i would give them the finger too. you’re all just jealous that you’re not her.. <3mk

  30. katie

    That is the LONGEST finger I have ever seen.

  31. olsentwinslover

    I love it when sexy female celebrities flip the bird for a photo, as it makes them so-god damn hot.

    Can’t wait to see photos like this from Mandy Moore, Jessica Simpson, Dakota Fanning, Emma Roberts and Jamie Lynn Spears.

  32. derrick

    mary-kate is hot and can do whatever the fuck she wants. all you bitches are just sad. “SHE’S RICH RICH RICH RICH, AND TOO THIN AND SHE’s A LITTLE CUNT!” seriously, fuck off. her clothes are the shit, and she’s basically owning the world while you bitches sit, look at her paparazzi pics, and complain when in actuality you have no idea what her life is like.

    take a look at your own clothes. chances are they say something like american eagle, aeropostale, or abercrombie. what makes that shit any better? yeah, just go ahead and start crying.

  33. Jodie

    haha this is funny, you all have so much to learn…

  34. cheska

    excuse me jessie, but are you completly stupid? sorry, but you said that you don’t think she should have done that, well, have you been there? were you followed around all fricking day with cameras in your face? no. i know that i wouldn’t be able to handle that, it would piss me off. you can sit there in your comftable little life and say, oh she shouldn’t have done that, but you never really know what happened to her, she could have been stressed out or had somehting awful happen to her. no one wants papparazzi in your face like that. she doesn’t even have a private life pretty much. as for not promoting anything to not stay famous, AS IF! you can’t just wake up one morning and say, right, i’m quitting being famous. those girls have been in the spotlight their whole lives and no ones really going to stop talking about them. they are too famous for that. sorry for lashing out but i think you are a bit deluded. and btw im not a massive MK fan, never have been, i just think what you said was ridiculous. thanks

  35. neesh

    um… the only reason mka r famous was bcuz they didn’t cry at the full house auditions. OKAY? Sure, ppl say they worked hard to get where they are but if you knew you were being payed 25, 000 dollars an episode wouldn’t you work hard? Okay, she can raise a middle finger. She doesn’t care about her fans at all. Oh and yeah, u know it’s so hard being driven around by limozines and having a billion dollars, u know… psh… THEY COULD HAVE STOPPED WHILE THEY WERE YOUNG AND GREW UP A LITTLE, THEY ASKED FOR IT. IF YOU HAVE SO MUCH MONEY, THEN YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO HANDLE PAPARAZZI. SO THEY SHOULD STOP COMPLAINING. THEY’RE ACTING SOOOOO SELFISH.

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