Mary-Kate Olsen And The Giant

May 27th, 2005 // 11 Comments

A not so great attempt at incognito. Why is the billionaire toy, Stavros Niarchos ducking?

Mary-Kate battles the wind after the jump.

I have to say it. I hate that white shawl.

(Images via JJB)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. C.K. Dexter-Haven

    Her legs are like toothpicks…Poor child.

  2. She just looks so much like E.T. I can not take her seriously.

  3. saint

    that pic with him ducking is cracking me up. he reminds me of bigfoot making his way thru woodlands.

  4. kayputh

    nice legs

  5. lauren

    Poor child?????? I got news for you C.K. some people, like mary kate, like getting attention!!!

  6. sam

    mk is beautiful despite her personal life which is no one elses damn business.

  7. fat mary kate


  8. Katerina

    he is gorgeous, what ia he doing with that pokemon. Satvro come to greece and get together with the lovely girls of our country. oh tell her to wear smaller glasses she looks disgasting!!!!!!

  9. lako

    Ireally think the olsen twins look like they are barely teenagers.

  10. Ok so first of all of you internet-ers are just fuccin weird and u need to step 10thousand steps back from even the thought that mary is not tyte because u ALL are fat burger king people are so so burried beneath us, us meaning mary, mary-kate and myself, dan. DO YOU PEOPLE HAVE EYES?!?!?! CaN u see her>??!?!?! SHE DOESNT CARE…SHES SO BOSSS. SOOOO much fucking tyter than any of u socialite people will EVER be…i mean come on.. WERE TYPING ABOUT A GURL WHO JUMPED OUT OF THE WOMB WEARING DIOR OVERSIZED GLASSES SO GIVE ME A BLANKET AND 10 POUNDS OF JEWELRY AND FUCK OFF


  11. mary-kate is the most beautiful person ever, shes fucking gorgeous

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