Mary-Kate Olsen: One Bizarre Being

May 22nd, 2005 // 28 Comments

What is with that outfit? I seriously just don’t get it.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. another cry for help

  2. HollabackBoy

    My that’s a lot of…outfit…going..on.

  3. BB

    Poor girl, she looks like she’s 11 and playing dress up.

  4. Why is it that people who generally don’t want to be “noticed” are the ones dressed like clowns in public?

  5. DieOlsonsDie

    ewwwww, her stylist is on crack right? she has a stylist right? I mean she KNOWS that she CAN afford help, right?

  6. Eva

    With all those clothes stripped away, she must look so sick, and I mean that literally. She can’t be more than 85 lbs.

  7. i can lend my fashion sense for a price… because this is just ABSURD

  8. Smoking pic is fake. Here’s the real one

  9. mediaphyter

    Why did the “Muppet Show” theme song just start playing in my head?

  10. AER

    The real question is… WHO THE HELL IS THE GIANT PEDOPHILE SHE’S HOLDING HANDS WITH? Ew, ew, ew, ew, eeeeeewwwww… It looks like the first picture is a cut and pasted compilation of two images of different proportions.

  11. How tall IS that guy?
    I’m sure she’s just rediculously small, but still he looks giant. Her outfit isn’t helping her vertical-challengedness.
    She kinda looks cute tho.

  12. cowgirl

    Hey….is she related to that little psychic lady from Poltergeist? This house is clean.

  13. Oh the poor girl, she looks horrible

  14. ma

    She looks so stupid. But my question is, why would they bother photoshopping a cigarette in her hand? Why?

  15. Helen

    Proof that only Carrie Bradshaw could get away with a look like that. The boots are almost bigger than her.

  16. Mariana

    The bastard daughter of Janis Joplin and Frodo Baggins.

  17. Kelly

    She looks like ET when they dress him up LOL

  18. Cynthia

    Wow! It looks as though she got into an accident with a pile of curtains! And those little stick legs make me think she must still be struggling with an eating disorder. Sad.

  19. Vanessa

    I think someone just likes to have fun with Photoshop, that’s all.

    Oh, and someone fucking feed this girl. She’s so undeserving of her millions of dollars. The least she could do would be to splurge for a Big Mac. What a non-deserving waste of talent (if you can even call it that).

  20. kitty

    the guy she is with is french and has billions and his sister eugine is best friends with charlotte casiraghi of monaco

  21. JoJoPelle

    Is she on a long acid trip???? She must be using drugs to walk around like that..

  22. Lissa

    You all should really shut your bloody mouths about Mary-Kate. You don’t even know what her life is like! And that is not photoshop work on the ciggy. She smokes. She was recently caught chain smoking illeagally in a New York loo.

  23. Bubbly fun

    You know what… she has a fashion sense! it is a UNIQUE ONE!! a least she isnt going around following the trends! she is starting up her own! and that is AWSOME!! you know how many people have copied her look??!?! ALOT! DUH!!

  24. Chloe

    i think she dresses awesome! in my opinion she has the best style of any celebrity (im not being sarcastic). shes such a trendsetter and shes so cool. i think she does need to put on a little weight though.

  25. none of ur business

    soooooo.. basically all of you guys in here are just JEALOUS, cuz none of u’z are pretti enough to be as famous as her.. shes gorgeous and u all know itt.. and u dont see anyone making fun of ur style.. well they probably do behind ur back.. but if thats the way she wants to dress, then let her, and dont say anything about itt. ur all losers that are jealous

  26. Ava

    I don’t know whether to feed her or burry her she’s so disgustingly malnourished. Somebody should really kill their parents for exploiting their daughters like that. I’m a twin, really, it’s not a big damn deal.

  27. audrey

    0ok, this outfit is a little extreme but most of the time i love her style. it’s independant and original. i wish she would put on a little weight so she would look healthier.

  28. Nika

    I work in the fashion industry, and consider myself a person with a decent amount of style, however. There is such a thing as taking things too far – and Mary Kate looks “trendy bohemian style gone wrong”. I love boho clothes, but EVERYTHING needs to be consumed in moderation.

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