Mary-Kate Olsen – Met Ball 2012

May 7th, 2012 // 4 Comments
Met Gala 2012
Met Gala 2012
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Oh Mary-Kate Olsen. You are just one of those celebrities I will never understand. The former-child star turned “fashionista” decided on a very interesting look for the 2012 Met Ball held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Mary-Kate donned a black gown by her own label, The Row, although in my opinion in looks more like she draped herself with a bunch of random fabric. Also, did someone forget to tell her that she should probably do her hair? That, plus the overly thick eyebrows and the bizarre make-up job…honestly there aren’t enough words to describe how absurd she looks. 

She and sister Ashley were voted Vogue’s Best Dressed Siblings last year, but I’m just not seeing it. Although, I do like her handbag. So what do you guys think? Awful? Or is just one of those things you actually like?

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By Sabba Rahbar

  1. Cassey

    I think she looks absolutely stunning. And since I’m the only one commenting aparently nobody cares anyway.

  2. She is so pretty, I love her eyes.. I agree with Cassey…

    I think are the most beautiful woman in the World Mary.

  3. PHRox

    She’s 25 and looks about 60. Something’s not right with this look

  4. yelhsa

    these sisters can do no wrong in my opinion!

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