Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen Launch Handbag Line, Look Ridiculous

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were spotted at Paris Fashion Week launching their new handbag line, The Row. They celebrated the event with a cocktail party at Parisian shop Montaigne Market. Ashley looked nice, but Mary-Kate chose to wear some weird looking, sports inspired (?) dress. It’s weird, like most of her outfits.

The Row has been doing quite well and demand for their alligator backpack has been huge. Sure it has a $39,000 price tag, but that doesn’t seem to stop people. Ashley told reporters, “It was the first thing that sold off the shelf.” MK and Ashley spent a lot of the night hanging with Christian Louboutin, who considers the girls his godchildren.

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I’m sure he’ll be more than happy to give them some advice on their new role as creative directors for Superga shoes. Guys, remember when the Olsen twins used to act? Maybe when they realized that their sister, Elizabeth Olsen, is the talented one who will probably win awards for her new movie, they gave up and stuck to designing.

Whatever works for them. However, May-Kate’s dress is just NOT working for me. Check out the gallery and tell us what you think of it. I much prefer Ashley’s classic looking style. Will you shell out anywhere near $39,000 for a bag? Leave us your thought in the comments!