Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen Jet Out Of LA, Mary-Kate’s BF Olivier Sarkozy Tags Along

Mary Kate & Olivier
The couple show off some PDA at Knicks game.
It’s always a treat seeing the Olsen twins together.

Mary-Kate and Ashley were spotted at LAX today heading out of the City of Angels along with Mary-Kate’s beau, Olivier Sarkozy.  Think Ashley felt like the third wheel? Well luckily Mary-Kate and Olivier weren’t being creepy and make-outie.

Does it fascinate anyone else that the Olsen twins are serious fashion designers now? I mean, this is what Mary-Kate wore to last year’s Met Ball. Maybe the fashion is just lost on me? 

Also, both Mary-Kate and Ashley look so much like sister Elizabeth Olsen right now. In fact, Mary-Kate’s outfit is very similar to what we spotted the younger Olsen wearing not too long ago. Would you look at that. The Olsen sisters are exchanging fashion tips. Adorable.

Check out all the photos of Mary-Kate, Ashley and Olivier in the gallery. Side note, I can’t write Ashley first. Ashley and Mary-Kate? It just does not sound right! Anybody else have that problem?