Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen: 2013 Met Ball

Madonna 2013 Met Ball
Madonna in Givenchy at the 2013 Met Ball.
You know that moment when you’ve been looking at Met Ball outfits for hours and think you’ve seen it all? Then you see Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and realize you’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg.

The famous twins were spotted on the red carpet at the 2013 Met Ball wearing two of the most…bizarre (?) outfits we’ve seen all night. These two even give Katy Perry a run for her money.

Mary-Kate, who was a true downer at last year’s event, doesn’t seem much more excited about stuff this year in a black dress with a yellow, silk and fur trimmed coat. I guess I like Ashley’s weird orange number better. All that tulle and all those hidden gems are certainly interesting. 

Now, can someone please explain to me why these two just don’t brush their hair and try to look semi-normal. Like, did I miss some sort of fashion lesson in school where stuff like this is considered high fashion? Also, I have no idea how any of this is punk. Maybe cause it’s weird?

Can someone else please comment on these looks so I don’t feel like a crazy person talking to a computer? Check out all the photos of the twin in the gallery and tell me if you think the looks are as ridiculous as I do in the comments.