Martinis and Popcorn: ‘Takers’ and ‘The Last Exorcism’

August 26th, 2010 // 2 Comments

This weekend’s box office offers a different type of visual stimulation. Put aside the sexy women playing covert government agents and chiseled men – young and old; in an attempt to keep some money rolling in before the holiday weekend, Hollywood offers us glamour.

Two kinds to be exact. Frills and fashion in Takers, and glamor – in the demonic/vampire take over your soul way in The Last Exorcism. Reaching for the tie-in? Maybe a little.

Have you heard the bad rap about Takers yet? His name is Chris Brown – ha! – and he will probably make or break the decision on whether to see this film.

Joined by Hayden Christensen and Paul Walker, Takers is being called a poor man’s heist flick with the criminals caring more about European fashion than the planning of a bank robbery – in all fairness, they do try, but they’re no Danny Ocean.

More importantly, this film provides T.I. with another platform to make his comeback since being released from prison. He plays the “enigmatic ‘Ghost’… [who's] the wild card in this pack, a founding
member of the gang they left for dead back in 04. Now he’s out of
prison,” according to CNN.

More of what’s opening in movie theaters today after the jump.

It seems the choice lies between pretty verse ugly, if the other choice in film is The Last Exorcism.Following The Blair Witch Project style of documentary, The Last Exorcism
is not a film to see if you get motion sickness easily. Expect to feel
like you’re running with the cameraman, who should be running in the
opposite direction if he knew any better. The Last Exorcism is said to instill fear… for at least the first two thirds of the film. Then it loses momentum. But those who know director Eli Roth‘s work (Cabin Fever, Hostel, Hostel 2) are aware that he knows a thing or two about horror. But how is this film only rated PG-13?

By Samantha Eng

  1. Safiya

    First of all I find your blog post about Takers offensive. The stereotypical movie that consist of a black cast will usually have a stereotype of gang banging and calling women offensive names. A. its not a poor man anything flick. B. They dress nice in a movie and they get insulted.
    The movies was taped long before T.I was ever in trouble with law and long before the Rihanna and Chris Brown drama. T.I also produced the film and its not a platform to get back on anything he is a businessman.

  2. Informed

    Chris Brown isn’t a rapper. He won’t make or break my decision to see this film. T.I. is a rapper though.

    Oh I agree with Safiya somewhat.

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